1970 Plymouth GTX 440 in 1:18 Scale by GMP Diecast Model

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GMP 1970 Plymouth GTX 440 6 Pack diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1970
  • Brand: GMP
  • Make: Plymouth
  • Code: GMP1803101
  • Model: GTX 440 6 Pack
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Burnt Orange

By 1970, the Plymouth GTX had undergone some big changes in sheet metal and the convertible body style had been dropped. For the first time, a muscle car guy or gal could order optional 15x7 Rallye Wheels with F60-15 Goodyear rubber on their Plymouth. Under the hood, the GTX was available with several big block options. You could choose the 440 with 375 bhp, the 440+6 (affectionately called the 6-Pack by Mopar enthusiasts), which punched out 390 bhp, or the God of Mopar fanatics, the 426 Hemi, belting out 425 bhp. A new option with the 440 6-Pack and standard with the 426 Hemi was a nifty new version of the Air Grabber hood, fitting a single flap in the middle of the hood that you could open and close from inside the car. And to scare off the competition, a fierce shark was painted on the side of the hood scoop. Unfortunately, the early 70s were the waning days of Muscle Cars and the GTX faded into history.

But picture this: Walk into your neighborhood Dodge/Plymouth dealership in late 1969, choose your 1970 GTX in gleaming, Burnt Orange with Black stripes, a powerful 440+6 powerplant under the hood and all the interior options available, then take possession of your new, power-hungry Mopar. Well, it isn’t 1970, but that is exactly what you can do right now with GMP’s newly released 1970 Plymouth GTX. I’ve reviewed other GMP products, but I can honestly say that I have yet to see as glossy paint a job as this. The Burnt Orange paint is like a mirrored surface: smooth, shimmering, and free of defects of any kind. The intensity of the color is like heated metal, fiery and deep. If you can pull yourself out of the trance and put the car down, you’ll see that this is no ordinary diecast. GMP prides itself in being one of the premier makers of 1/18 diecast cars. It looks like they’ve reached another pinnacle in precision reproduction. This GTX looks so spot-on that you will swear you hear that 440 engine idling. The shut lines are tight and the doors close with a nice snap. The black, matte finish stripes are authentic and line up perfectly on my sample. Take a look at the Rallye wheels and the real rubber Goodyears on this image and you’ll see GMP held nothing back on their first Mopar offering. You can almost smell the burning rubber wafting in the air.

Open the realistically hinged door and peek inside. Take a whiff and smell the interior. If you thought they got it perfect with the exterior, you’ll realize they got it right in the interior as well. The color alone makes this a scrumptious tidbit. The seats have all the correct markings and engravings in the simulated leather. Perfectly replicated wood grain covers the insides of this car. It also features one of the most perfectly replicated dome lights I’ve seen in a 1/18 and even the manual shifter looks in scale. Sun visors are moveable. Again, GMP has created a true, precision 1/18 scale interior right down to the last detail. The big surprise that the guys at Winder, Georgia threw in for the collectors, is in a small, plastic baggie: removable rear quarter windows! That’s right, you get the option of displaying your Burnt Orange GTX with rear windows rolled up or down. You just pop them in when the wind is too much or remove them for a clean, fast look.

Under the hood, GMP lavishes all the attention the 440+6 engine deserves. This beauty actually deserves to be displayed on its own stand, that much detail has been devoted to it. It meets every Mopar collector’s idea of what the 440 should be in 1/18.

Okay, it’s probably no secret that this gal’s preferences run toward GM Muscle, but GMP hooked me. This Mopar will be the first in my collection, but with the 1970 InViolet Road Runner not far behind, I know it won’t be the last. The Burnt Orange GTX is GMP’s first Mopar offering. If the attention and detail they put into it is any indication of the dedication and effort they are going to be lavishing on other Mopar offerings, set aside room on your shelf. You’ll be adding all of them.

-Patty Henderson

  • Our Price: $359.95
  • Out of Stock

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