Computer Mouse - Mustang GT

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  Mustang GT diecast car
  • Make: Mustang
  • Code: FDMGBXW
  • Model: GT
  • Color: Blue with white stripe
  • Note: Drive your computer using a car-themed mouse! Lights up. WIRELESS.

As the character Chip Douglas said in the Cable Guy, "Time to take a ride on the information super highway." While I don't think I've heard anyone use this term since that movie, you may find yourself referring to the internet as this once again when you take delivery of your very own muscle car mouse. As you race through the Diecast Zone and scroll through Bulletin Board, merging into Forum 18 and then down Forum 43 before finally settling down at the Lounge, you'll witness a fiery glow emerging from the scroll button while shifting through the postings.

Legacy Motors now carries an assortment of computer mice in great replication of some serious modern muscle cars. They are surprisingly well replicated for a computer mouse, and include many nice details like working headlights at the touch of a mouse button, separate rear non-functioning tail lights, chrome wheels and exhaust tips, real rubber tires, and excellent overall finish.

The plug and play technology allows for easy installation and requires no software installation. Among the choices currently available in the muscle car wireless optical mouse are a red Ford GT40, a blue Ford Mustang GT, an orange Dodge Challenger SRT8, a new generation silver Chevrolet Camaro and red Corvette. Also available are wired mice in a black Corvette and silver Camaro.

The wireless mouse includes two AAA batteries to get you started and has a power button on the undercarriage that turns the unit off when held for a few seconds. It also shuts off automatically after some time of inactivity. To reactivate, just press one of the mouse buttons. I do recommend a mouse pad depending on the surface of your work space. My wood grain desk caused slight interference with the accuracy of the mouse. I simply used a magazine in place of a mouse pad and the mouse worked great! Get yours now while they are in stock! It’s a great addition to your hobby, and with the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it would make a wonderful stocking stuffer for you, your son, or anyone with an interest in cars!

-Bryan Miranda

  • Our Price: $54.95
  • Out of Stock

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