101st Airborne Division

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Forces of Valor  Gulf War US Army diecast car
  • Brand: Forces of Valor
  • Era: Gulf War
  • Code: FOV83002
  • Branch: US Army
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Note: Kuwait 1991


The 101st Airborne Division drew first blood in Desert Storm.  On the first morning, at 2:38 am January 17, 1991, 8 Apache helicopters took out two Iraqi early warning radar sites, clearing the way of US Air Force strikes at Baghdad.  A little over one month later, during the ground campaign, 300 helicopters lifted the 101st Airborne to their first objective, FOB COBRA, over 100 miles into Iraq.  There they routed the Iraqi forces and most of the enemy surrendered.  The same day, airlifted  further inside Iraq, they cut a key Iraq supply route, Highway 8.  This advance represented the largest helicopter assault in the history of modern warfare.  Not one Screaming Eagle lost his life during the battle.

Five U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division action figures
Three sets of sandbag piles
Two barrels, four jerry cans, wooden boxes
Assorted weapons.

  • Our Price: $21.95
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