1924 Bugatti T35 in 1:18 Scale by CMC Diecast Model

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CMC 1924 Bugatti T35 diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1924
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Bugatti
  • Code: CMC063
  • Model: T35
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Blue
  • Points to redeem: 4,371

A genius, an eccentric, a brilliant nutcase, Ettore Bugatti left an indelible mark in automotive history. From his factory in Molsheim, Alsace, he produced cutting edge race cars and ultimately some of the most beautiful luxury automobiles ever made. To racing history buffs, nothing personifies Bugatti's success in this field like the Type 35. First built in 1924, and first to sport the classic horseshoe shaped radiator, this model in five variants holds a record smashing 1851 documented victories all within the short period of 1924-1927. There are legions of fascinating anecdotes of both the man and the vehicle, but this is one time I want to devote as much of my allotted 6 paragraphs to CMC's fantastic 1/18 replica of this seminal race car. There are 946 parts that comprise this model and frankly every part shoud have its praises sung. I will spare you all that bombast and just describe the model by major components. Hopefully the pictures will further flesh it out.

First, the body: How can something so simple be so incredibly complex. There are 128 stamped louvers in the two engine cover panels alone that are absolute perfection. The 68 louvers on the horizontal aspects are so tiny that I had to insert paintbrush bristles into them to see if they were indeed patent. The two-piece stamped metal cowlings for the cockpit are scale thin and perfectly adapted. Panel shutlines are perfect and fingernail proof. The panel seams are all joined by fine stainless steel wire threaded through microscopic castings that can only be appreciated when viewed through a magnifying glass. Not only are they intricately shaped, but they are perfectly finished. The chrome radiator casing is so perfect and brilliant you can shave by its reflection. Crowning the radiator shell is a beautiful rendition of the radiator cap and coolant thermometer. There are two gravel guards. One to protect the radiator and the other to protect the driver. Both are as close to scale as you would think possible. I was rather intrigued by the articulating screen; but, with those primitive road courses back then, I can see where a goggled driver would prefer screen to glass .

The cockpit: The first thing that grabbed my attention was the steering wheel with its striking simulated wood rim with handwound thread binding, lustrous steel spokes and the 6 tiny screws securing the wheel to the hub. The steering column continues to a functioning worm gear steering box. The metal dashboard/bulkhead sports brush swirl patterns and is festooned with legible gauges and wired magneto. The outside brake lever actuates the rear cables and has a tiny spring return. The shifter and oil pump handle also operate. The seats are scale morocco textured black leather. Fuel and oil lines and cables all run along the cockpit walls.

Wheels and suspension: This open wheeled car is a perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) to showcase the incredible level of detail in this model. The solid front axle is suspended by compound spring steel leaf springs whose action is dampened by working friction shock absorbers. Outboard past the brake cable pully is another model in itself. Each wheel is made of 35 parts. 24 individual screws appear to affix the outer and inner wheel halves with their integral brake drums. Included with the model is a wood handled mallet and two plywood axle supports to pose the model with two wheels removed. The tires are replicas of 28X4 Dunlop Cords and the front wheels are set up in the classic positive camber responsible for the Type 35's reknowned handling.

Engine bay: Undoing the leather straps with those scale-perfect steel buckles is nowhere near as daunting as buckling them back up. You'll need needle-nosed tweezers and a pin to create a hole in the proper place because you will never find the original hole. But, you have to open the darned things because the engine bay will knock you out. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that does not look like the original in shape, content, finish or texture. I could show you pictures of the 1:1 and you could not tell the difference. Framed in that beautifully swirl finished metal firewall is every pully, belt, tension rod, return spring, wire, hose, actuator...you name it and there's not a hint of plastic anywhere. This inline eight has the proper machined finish, the exhaust manifold is rough cast and slightly blackened. The twin Solex side draft carbs look like they should be sucking air. If you turn the crank, you'll expect the engine to fire up. It won't but when I unscrewed the winged stainless gas cap, I did notice the tank was empty. Perhaps....... nah, it's only a model. But what a model!

Each successive CMC release seems to top the last and the T35 is no exception. This model raises the bar for what a 5 star effort should be.

-Richard Sufficool

  • Retail Price: $343.00
  • Our Price: $306.00
  • In Stock

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