1925 Fuel Altered T Dragster Diecast Model

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Danbury Mint 1925 Ford Fuel Altered T Dragster diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1925
  • Brand: Danbury Mint
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: DM1362
  • Model: Fuel Altered T Dragster
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Metallic Red

In the hey day of the Double A Fuel Altered (AA/FA) category, especially in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, it was commonplace to see stretched Model T’s, such as this one, running blown engines and setting low ET’s at the drag strip. Dubbed by DM as “Big Red”, this little T bucket typifies the quintessential ‘look’ of the lightweight body and chassis setup with big slicks and a supercharged mill running in the 7’s at 200 mph and better. Born strictly to race, DM put all the right period ‘go-fast’ pieces onboard and left no detail or innovation left unattended.

The dark red, nearly maroon, metallic paint is faultless in coverage and shine. The graphics are sharp and crisp and appropriately nostalgic. The flames come directly from the yellow engine block and flow rearward accented in red and white. Sponsor’s decals are tampoed in select places and the dragster’s name, “Big Red” is painted in gold with black shadowing. Though the small car is purpose built it doesn’t lack for detailing. The engine and driver’s compartment, in particular, are awash in the model maker’s art. The power plant is a fully blown and injected hemi. Stahl® Zoomie headers are separately formed individual pieces set in photo-etched header flanges. The plug wires start from the center of the valve covers, travel through photo-etched wire looms attached at the cylinder heads and join together at the distributor. The Moon™ gas tank, located in the center of the radiator cover, looks for all the world like spun aluminum. Nice touch DM! It feeds the fuel pump with neatly plumbed rubber tubing and moves upward to eventually feed the massive four port injectors. The metal throttle linkage is a richly detailed affair and lends total credibility to the authentic drag race build-up. The photo-etched blower pulleys and rubber, notched blower belt are intriguingly detailed. The straight tubular axle front end is workable. The transverse mounted leaf spring and dual shocks flex just right. Likewise, the rear assembly operates too. Large traction arms, chromed and cross braced, hold up the rear axle on a single leaf spring in conjunction with working coil-over shocks. Check out the brake lines and the battery cabling that runs up to the battery located in the opening trunk.

The rear slicks are period sized and suitably sticky for good traction. The front skinnies are tread-patterned well and mounted on lightweight, magnesium, spoked wheels set in chrome rims. The interior has a complete believability to its build. The front cowl has an aluminum cover and that plays back into the driver’s compartment where the opening door is paneled in kind. The roll cage frames a center driver’s seat and fabric lap belts are seen bolted to the floor pan with rivets. The shoulder belts are similarly attached to the roll cage with photo-etched brackets. The dash gauges and column mounted tach are realistically readable and the Hydro Stick is mounted between the pilot’s legs. A Line-Lock is also mounted on the column and a photo-etched rip cord flows from the roll cage to the drag chute mounted behind the driver. The brake pedal is on the floor to the left and the gas pedal, on the right, is a cool little photo-etched piece riveted to the floor and featuring a toe wrap.

This is a grand little exercise in hot rod nostalgia worthy of every bit of praise deserving to the DM for making great use of existing stock pieces such as the ’25 T body. It is obvious that only ‘car people’ could have pulled this all together without missing a beat. It rates a strong 9.85 on my Thrillometer!

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $169.00
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