1931 Mercedes-Benz SSKL *CMC 15th Anniversary* Diecast Model

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CMC 1931 Mercedes-Benz SSKL- Mille Miglia *CMC 15th Anniversary* diecast car
Customer Rating: 9 stars
  • Year: 1931
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Mercedes-Benz
  • Code: CMC087
  • Model: SSKL- Mille Miglia *CMC 15th Anniversary*
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Unpainted
  • Note: Only 2000 will be made worldwide. Includes special display case and collectors plaque.

Introduction, from CMC press release

How celebrate the fifteen year anniversary of CMC? By producing an exceptional version of one of its most exceptional models. This new SSKL is designed to showcase the premium materials used: Zinc alloy, brass, copper, aluminum, tin plate, stainless steel, leather etc. So this CMC replica is unpainted. The body is protected with a clear coat.

Commentary By Rich Sufficool

CMC's '31 Mercedes-Benz SSKL Mille Miglia is one of those models that you can look at forever under a microscope and always seem to find some new detail you hadn't noticed before. As a modeler, I have to marvel at the design and execution of museum quality models like this as well as the use of so many different materials to provide the content and scale fidelity. Zinc alloy, brass, copper, aluminum, tin plate, stainless, rubber, leather, and the like are all part of the ingrediants used to create this replica.

CMC has given me a spectacular look at one of their premier models devoid of paint and livery celebrating their 15th anniversary. It was 15 years ago I first saw their 1/24 SSK Black Prince at a show beginning my love affair with this company. CMC has come a long way since then and this model truly celebrates their remarkable achievements.

Highlighted Features:

- Leather steering wheel and seats

- Folding top is covered in leather

- Spare wheels fastened with a toggle screw

- Stainless steel tank cap that can flip open and close

- Exhaust pipes of flexible metal hoses

- Double-leaf engine hood with louvers and filigree hinges

- Running board for spare fuel can and tool box (with miniature tools)

Composed of over 1,885 parts, it is delivered with a showcase and wood base. Limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.

-Rich Sufficool

  • Retail Price: $394.00
  • Our Price: $340.00
  • Sold Out

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