1933 Ford Cabriolet - Ltd Edition Diecast Model

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Danbury Mint 1933 Ford Cabriolet- Ltd Ed diecast car
  • Year: 1933
  • Brand: Danbury Mint
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: DM1542
  • Model: Cabriolet- Ltd Ed
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Black

Following rapidly on the heels of their ’33 coupe, the Danbury boys have made some changes, concocted a couple little add-ons and brought us a sensational new roadster version. More precisely, it is a Cabriolet. Checking through our Car List & Reviews, you’ll note that Danbury has treated us well to Ford’s glorious little machines from the 1931 to 1934 period. The ’33 body is much more refined for its day than the ’31 yet still held all the rich legendary design that made the earlier thirties cars so well received by the masses. DM styles that design into their models very precisely. The little drop-top is handsome in gloss black. There’s a jaunty and delicately thin red pinstripe running the beltline from stem to stern and the car is wonderfully accented by bright red wire wheels.

DM chose to fabricate the ‘up’ top, covered in a thoroughly realistic canvas-like covering, in a deep tan. The welt lines and window trim are fashioned in a dark brown. The interior of the top itself is fantastically detail laden. The top boot, also supplied, is a matching tan and brown. Both fit very tightly and seamlessly. The interior is done in brown and the dash in a wood-grain. The flooring is tan and the door panels are brown with wood-accented trim. Also featured are leather door-pull straps. For the normal buyer of the day this was pretty opulent stuff. The interior of the rumble seat is matching. DM also gives us a travel trunk that fits behind the spare on a luggage tray that folds down when in use. Hidden magnets hold it in place. It opens to reveal the necessary tools of the trade for long distance driving.

The suspension is grand. It flexes just enough to hold perfect ride height while simulating the actual ‘give’ of the leaf springs for the Ford of the thirties. The chassis, with its emergency brake cabling, frame and engine bottom detailing, lend great realism to the piece. Under either hood half is even better detailing. You’ll note the simulated brown leather insulation surround, fuel lines, finely-crafted plug wiring and water hoses. DM makes great use of photo-etch metal for the grille, builds on twin horns beneath the chrome headlights, adds on the running lights on either side of the cowl and makes great use of external door hinges. The finish is a foot deep and the overall look of the double-three will positively make you smile!

This 75th Anniversary issue is limited to production for 2008.

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $185.00
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