1934 Voisin C27 Coupe Scale Model

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Minichamps 1934 Voisin C27 Coupe, A. Voisin diecast car
  • Year: 1934
  • Brand: Minichamps
  • Make: Voisin
  • Code: MP437-119120
  • Model: C27 Coupe, A. Voisin
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Color: White
  • Note: Resin Model

This is the third and final Voisin in the Minichamps Mullin Collection series. I’ve reviewed both of these, so there’s no need to go into the history of Voisin, or even the C27 chassis again. This is the second of only two Voisin C27s ever made (Chassis 52002) and became the personal ride of Voisin's designer, André Noël-Noël Telmont following exhibition at the 1935 Geneva and Madrid auto shows. After ten years of ownership, it went through various owners, but also deteriorated. Finally, in 2004, the car underwent a 2-year restoration, during which the entire body had to be re-created, and was acquired by Peter Mullin in 2010. Thus the Mullin Collection possesses 100% of all C27 production.

I went to an exhibition at Nashville’s Frist Museum in the summer of 2013 entitled “Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles”. Three Mullin cars were there, including this one. It is truly a unique design. For instance, the roof can be rotated back behind the passenger compartment, powered by a vacuum motor. The small glass sunroof panel then becomes a rear window. The unusual leather upholstery is also truly avant-garde. My daughter was quite taken with this one (as well as a Cord L29 whose color was definitely University of Tennessee orange!)

Minichamps did a great job again. I bought a book of the show cars at the Frist which gave me three pages of photos with which to compare the model. All the bright work is very exacting – including the chrome and machined strips that follow along the wheel wells and base of the car, similar to the C25 Aerodyne Minichamps produced. One incredibly small detail is an inclusion of the continuous hinge at the top of the trunk lid. On the interior the ostrich leather pattern is replicated, including up through the headliner! Other details, like the radiator mascot, fender braces, hood latches, and tiny rear fender lights are faithful to the original.

Any collector of 1:43 French classics is going to ask: What about the 2011 release by Spark of the same car? Well, I have both and have included comparisons in the Forum43 newsgroup this month. I can say that the Minichamps is definitely not the same as the Spark and definitely a better casting in several ways. If you are reading this following the posting of this review, check the archives of Forum43 for September 2013 for details.

A second question which may come up is color. This is one of those cars that can be almost chameleon-like depending on lighting. At the Frist, under their focused spotlights, the car looked black and white. My photos looked black and white. The Spark is black and white. The Minichamps is very light dove gray and very dark navy blue. I checked my museum book, with professional photos by Peter Harholdt, and confirmed that the car is indeed the colors chosen by Minichamps. As a final check, I contacted the Mullin Collection museum and received a reply from a Ms. Ruby Talbot who confirmed the light dove gray/dark navy blue combination. So, a lesson to me – a Nikon CoolPix is no match for Peter Harholdt!

-Harvey Goranson

  • Our Price: $119.95
  • Out of Stock
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