1935 Hispano-Suiza J-12, Vanvooren by Minichamps in 1:43 Resin Model

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Minichamps 1935 Hispano-Suiza J-12, Vanvooren diecast car
  • Year: 1935
  • Brand: Minichamps
  • Make: Hispano-Suiza
  • Code: MP437-091030
  • Model: J-12, Vanvooren
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Color: Two Tone Blue
  • Note: Mullin Collection Model

The J12 was Hispano-Suiza’s replacement for the aging H6 series. This model was made from 1931 until 1938, when Hispano turned its attention to aircraft engine production. As might be surmised, it had a V-12 engine, a 60-degree design by Marc Birkigt. Some versions were up to 11.3-liters in capacity putting out 250 bhp. All this did not come cheap, with a chassis costing more than $10-grand in 1930s dollars.

The Mullin car has drophead coupe bodywork from VanVooren, a coachbuilder that was practically a neighbor of the Hispano factory in Bois-Colombes near Paris. Consequently, more than a third of the Hispano chassis from the classic era sported VanVooren bodies. Chassis 14004 was judged first in class at Pebble Beach in 1991 (around the time Mullin acquired it), 1993, 1998, and in 2004 was judged the Most Elegant Convertible.

On the Minichamps model one of the first things that you observe is the very delicate Hispano stork ornament atop the radiator. This is not cast but instead made of folded photoetch – they must have had an origami expert in charge of this part! The two-tone royal blue/navy blue separation along the body is defined by a thin p/e insert. Up front the Hispano-Suiza emblem is faithfully replicated on the radiator shell. A car club badge adorns the front bumper bracket but the image is too small for me to make out the specific club.

Just ahead of the running board on the fenders are miniscule VanVooren emblems. Full wheel covers are provided for all wheels and the dual sidemount spares, the latter also having a chrome strip at the midpoint of the circumference. Fender lights, spotlight, door and trunk handles, and taillights are all separate chromed pieces. A nice touch is the California historic vehicle license plate at the rear.

The windscreen includes wiper and wiper motor details. The interior is dominated by a large gray steering wheel, sitting ahead of chromed gear change levers. The dashboard includes all the gauges and emblems of the real car but these are set against a basic brown panel – real car pictures indicate a distinctive diagonal light/dark pattern to the woodgrain. The simulated wood extends to the interior door panels, which are also provided with window winders and door levers. The top is covered by a boot cover having tiny snaps inside and out.

Once again, a classic model of a classic car by Minichamps. And the penultimate issue in the Mullin Collection series.

-Harvey Goranson

  • Retail Price: $109.00
  • Our Price: $99.00
  • Out of Stock

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