1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Speciale Touring Coupe Diecast Model

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CMC 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Speciale Touring Coupe diecast car
  • Year: 1938
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Alfa Romeo
  • Code: CMC107
  • Model: 8C 2900 B Speciale Touring Coupe
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Red
  • Points to redeem: 6,056

The 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Speciale Touring Coupe was a one off variant of the Mille Miglia racing roadsters prepared by Alfa Corsa, the in-house race team that replaced Scuderia Ferrari. The 2900cc straight eight was a union of two 4 cylinder blocks fed by twin superchargers feeding power to a rear trans-axle for better weight balance.

To prepare this platform for the long straights of Le Mans, the spyder body was replaced with aerodynamic coupe body by Touring coach builders featuring fenders integral to the body and a tapered fastback rear for lower drag. Preparation bore fruit as the coupe's speed gave it an almost insurmountable lead at Le Mans. Unfortunately, it's luck ran out. A blown tire at high speed caused Biondetti to use the engine to slow the vehicle. The engine over revved and a few laps later, the car retired with either a broken valve or transaxle... or both. Ironically at the time it broke down, it was still 160 km ahead of the nearest car. The car was factory repaired and sold, raced privately a few times, and ultimately was bought back by Alfa to display in its museum.

CMC's model reflects the car as it is restored today. It sports a 3-D replica of the museum script and badge on the fenders as well as the "Museo Storico" banner fixed below the central tail lights on the deck lid.

CMC presents a veritable tour de force of modeling with 1577 individual parts of mixed media, there's enough details an working parts to keep one armed with a magnifying glass and micro-surgical expertise hours of finger fun. It's obvious where the money went here. The engine is perhaps the finest replica I've ever seen. There's nothing here but proper metal, proper textures with not a sign of simulation using plastic components. The plumbing and wiring are classic CMC quality reproductions. The fender access panels are secured by tiny screws and CMC supplies you with what may be the world's tiniest phillips head driver. Much has been made of the screws being over scaled but it may be that the screws are less obtrusive on the 1:1 because they are inset rather than flush. Blackwashing could work for those that find this aesthetically unsatisfying. For me, leaving the access panels off is most tempting because that engine is an absolute jewel.

The chassis is another work of art. Wrapped in a a tubular metal frame, it's an absolute maze of cables fuel and brake lines, metal leaf springs, linkage return springs, rubber connectors secured be metal clamps.... the detailing is almost endless. Another tool is provided to remove the wheels that are shod in Pirelli tires with metal valve stems. The removal offers better vision of the brakes and suspension. The steering is functional... barely. On my example there a lot of play before it actually engages the wheels and I only get perhaps 15° of movement in either direction.

The overall finish is superb, the glazing is top notch with metal surrounds and the side window panels slide open. The leather upholstery, dash trim and door panels are competently modeled with stitching on the map pouches. The gauges are legible and set under glass with metal bezels. On the exterior, are the classic wiper systems with rubber blade inserts. The deck lid is secured with scaled working latches. The fuel filler access functions as does the filler cap.

Priorities on this model were definitely focused on the engine and chassis. Beyond that, the body lacks the usual plethora of functional panels, most of which are just lightly scribed. Most disappointing is the upper engine panels that are secured by leather belts. The scale thickness of the panels are way over scale and although the panel gaps are noticeable oversized, the thick rounded edges are nowhere near flush with the fenders like the 1:1 and actually add lines to the model that are hard to ignore. Overall, this is one impressive piece. I love the look of this exercise in aerodynamic styling by Touring of Milan.

Diecast.org / the Diecast Zone in conjunction with CMC, Legacy Diecast and Mint Models are proud to present:

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  • Retail Price: $471.00
  • Our Price: $423.90
  • In Stock
  • On Sale

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