1938 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria Museum Edition Scale Model

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Automodello 1938 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria - Museum Edition diecast car
  • Year: 1938
  • Brand: Automodello
  • Make: Packard
  • Code: AMPAC-38V-ME-CR
  • Model: Twelve Convertible Victoria - Museum Edition
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Color: Chinese Red
  • Note: Resin cast. Limited Edition of 499 pieces

Automodello’s brilliant 1938 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria gained the distinction, in 2011, of being the first 1:43rd scale model ever to be chosen as the Diecast Zone Model of the Year. A review of this model (AM-PAC-38V) may be seen in Car List & Reviews/Automodello/1:43. The standard color was a stunning Ivory White and a Berkshire Green version (AM-PAC-38V-BG) was also available for the 40th Packard Automobile Classics Meet.

A third version in dazzling Chinese Red (AM-PAC-38V-ME-CR) is now available. This one honors the fabulous Auburn-Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. The Art-Deco styled building was completed in 1930 as the administrative and engineering headquarters of the Auburn Automobile Company. The doors closed on the AAC, during the height of the depression, in 1937. The building re-opened in 1974 as the fantastic ACD Museum. I had visited the museum some time ago and again during an Auburn Labor Day celebration in 2000. When I visited most of the cars were, of course Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs, with a few other cars of interest.

When I heard that this Packard was in the museum I was somewhat surprised and phoned John Bill, the museum’s Director of Education and Archives. He explained that after my last visit, about 11 years ago, the automobile display space was enlarged by one-third, allowing a good increase in the number of cars that could be displayed. The second floor is devoted to competitive classic era cars like: Rolls-Royce, Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Cadillac, and others. This I have to see and I have now scheduled a trip there for October.

The Chinese Red version has a black interior with a removable black convertible top and black tonneau cover so it may be displayed top up and top down. The black plinth that the model is mounted on has a brass plaque reading: “Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, Museum Edition”. An extra card is included with information about the Museum. Production will be limited to 499 models.

-Dick Browne

  • Our Price: $119.95
  • Out of Stock

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