1938 Talbot Lago Type 150 SS Teardrop Diecast Model

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CMC 1938 Talbot Lago Tpe 150 SS Teardrop diecast car
Customer Rating: 8 stars
  • Year: 1938
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Talbot Lago
  • Code: CMC145
  • Model: Tpe 150 SS Teardrop
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Blue
  • Points to redeem: 6,660

The CMC 1937-39 Talbot-Lago Coupe T150-CSS is another uber-precision model by the German manufacturer which has become as well regarded for it’s ambitious pre-WW II street subjects with dynamic styling like the Bugatti Atlantic and Corsica as much as for their classic racing images. The Talbot Lago features the distinctive Italian style known as goccia d'acqua (drop of water) or goutte d'eau (tear-drop) elliptical silhouettes and enveloppantes (tear-drop shaped pontoon fenders). We 1/18 scale collectors have been envious of versions of the Talbot Lago in smaller scales so getting CMC to lavish their technical artistry on such a breathtaking subject proves worth the wait.

That artistry is evident straight out of the clamshell pack with the replication of the coachwork by French sheet metal virtuoso Giuseppe Figoni. With his business partner Ovidio Falaschi, the firm Figoni et Falaschi became known for the aircraft inspired designed coachwork, particularly for luxurious cars with performance pedigree such as the Delahaye 135.

CMC’s modeling of the streamlined design gives play to the available light providing a shimmering visual that is liquid yet muscular. I spent a good part of the afternoon positioning the model in different light especially given the silver-blue paint. An Auto-art turntable came in handy. Turntable or not, as your eyes take in the voluptuous lines you will probably come to understand the magic Antonio Lago sought when commissioning the 150-CSS Teardrop Coupe which was a car that would be remarkable enough to re-energize the Talbot marque.

The swoops and curves are accessorized with detailed chrome trim be it the subtle center hood strip or the flashy fender skirts and sleek bumpers. CMC has engineered all the opening parts to be robust and easy to operate - a nice change from the somewhat fragile feel of some past models. For example, there are supporting rods you can utilize to keep the hood and trunk open - but they stay open just fine without them.

Of note is the working sunroof, something not typical on models of the era - but then again the Talbot Lago was meant to be anything other than ordinary. And to see how far from the average model, just turn the model over and the detailed drive train and mixed media chassis - including real wood - will solidify the model’s investment grade price.

The model’s brochure claims 1,488 separate parts and the fully plumbed engine and CMC’s legendary removable spoke wheels have significant claim to a large portion of that count. And while that stunning richness is appreciated, the simple detail such as the jewel like dashboard gauges and leather-belted spare tire. In the long run, the Talbot-Lago Coupe T150-CSS was a brief spark that created a sensation and while the brand continued churning out cars into the 1950s, it is a shining moment in time. And the model - well it could be the star - or a star - in your collection. Personally I could not bring myself to set it on a shelf with other cars, but instead it is in an individual case where I can appreciate every angle - from any angle. It doesn't get any better than that...

-Rusty Hurley

  • Retail Price: $518.00
  • Our Price: $466.20
  • In Stock

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