1939 Lincoln K Model *Roosevelt* Limousine Diecast Model

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Yat Ming 1939 Lincoln K Model Sunshine Special Roosevelt diecast car
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  • Year: 1939
  • Brand: Yat Ming
  • Make: Lincoln
  • Code: YM24088
  • Model: K Model Sunshine Special Roosevelt
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Black

A favorite of President Roosevelt, the 1939 Lincoln Presidential Parade Vehicle—dubbed the “Sunshine Special” for its convertible top—accompanied him to Yalta, Teheran, Casablanca, and Malta. Built by Ford and modified to government specs by Brunn & Company, the limo was originally equipped with a siren, running lights, a 2-way radio, extra-wide running boards, and grab handles for Secret Service agents. A 414-cubic inch, L-head V-12, that produced 150 horsepower, propelled the vehicle. In 1942, it was updated with a new grille. Safety concerns led to armor plating for the doors, bulletproof tires, and storage compartments for submachine guns. With these modifications, the vehicle’s weight ballooned to 9,300 pounds. In spite of these concessions to safety, the President preferred to ride in this limo with the top down on most ceremonial occasions. After Roosevelt’s death, the limo remained in the fleet and was occasionally used by President Truman until 1948. It currently resides in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

I guess, because of the older vintage, these ‘30s images by Yat Ming always seem to look sharper than the limos from the ‘60s to the present. In my humble opinion, it’s because the older cars just have more “character.” This one’s no exception. Also, because of the fact it’s a convertible, there’s a lot more detail to be seen. The finish is gloss black and looks great. The interior’s “plasticy,” but the brown color simulates the leather well and there’s a fully carpeted floor. The two jumpseats in back fold open and closed. The dash detail is nothing to write home about and there are no “openable” compartments. The convertible top is displayed in the down position. There are fixed windows, rimmed in chrome, as well as molded-in-and-chromed windshield wipers but the chrome’s only on one side and not the on the edges. This tends to make the glass area’s chrome features look less that realistic. One nice feature I noticed was clear plastic sandwiched between the outer and inner door panels that make it look like the windows are rolled down. And speaking of chrome, there are many, separate, chromed pieces on the body (and in the interior) that look sharp. The only thing painted on the body is the white pinstripe that runs the whole length of the image. The lenses on the lights are a combination of clear plastic (headlights and siren) and red-tinted chrome (running and taillights). A lot more attention has been given to the engine than on the later-year limos. The two-sided hood opens on a piano-style hinge, the trunk opens (and is “carpeted”), and all four passenger doors swing open. Yat Ming seems to have dropped the dogleg type hinge arrangement in favor of clips that simulate the action of real car doors much better. Twin, side-mounted spares adorn each front fender. The undercarriage detailing is up to par, though there are no working suspensions. The front wheels turn smoothly via the steering wheel. The image comes mounted on the usual black plastic base and the label says, “Presidential Series 1939 LINCOLN SUNSHINE SPECIAL Road Signature.” Overall, this is a worthy addition to the presidential limousine collection—a hefty chuck of die cast metal that looks sharp.

The Lincoln “Sunshine Special” was purported to be President Roosevelt’s favorite ride. Considering the fact he literally dragged it around the world with him, I have to agree. Looking at it evokes another time—a time when presidents rode out in the open to “meet” with the crowds that lined the limousine’s route. It also brings a pang, when we remember that this form of crowd communication came to an abrupt end on a sunny November afternoon in Dallas, Texas. *Editor's Note: Awesome photos taken and submitted by Rich Sufficool. Great job Rich!

-Tom Pine

  • Our Price: $74.95
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