1947 Ford Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan Diecast Model

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Danbury Mint 1947 Ford Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan diecast car
Customer Rating: 9 stars
  • Year: 1947
  • Brand: Danbury Mint
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: DM1566
  • Model: Super Deluxe Tudor Sedan
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Maroon

Ok, now, thanks to DM’s foresight, we’re heating up the diecast auto arena for Fords of the late forties. Hot on the heels of Danbury’s introduction of the 1948 Ford Sportsman, the DM Boys have just released this little bon-bon of 1947 vintage in Super Deluxe Tudor attire. This is classic post-war automotive brilliance in scale form. I pray it does well for DM so that we may see the balance of model styles that the Ford Motor Company offered during the end of the decade. DM conjured up a perfect body style to subsidize the Sportsman and in a most complementary color and equipment combo.

The two-door body, clothed in Monsoon Maroon paint, is not only fitting for the forty-seven but splendidly applied in glossy, even and smooth perfection. But the model’s looks are only part of the story. This review all hinges on, ah, well, hinges. As with the Sportsman, the new tooling utilizes the best hinges in the modeling craft world today. The hood, doors and trunk exhibit the wondrous work of moving metal parts that form a perfectly scaled duplicate of the genuine automotive articles. The hood employs an operational scissors-extension system coupled with minute actual springs to replicate the actual Ford assemblies. The body houses the front door-jamb internal attachment units that allow the doors to open realistically while the trunk lid is supported on dual folding metal suspension hinges.

There are far too many detail touches to enumerate in a review and they must be seen to be fully appreciated. But their presence affords a genuine look back on how the actual car appeared to its buyer. And since I was born the same year as this Ford I actually recall the car vividly through my examination of the DM recreation. You see, my parents owned its identical twin in 1:1 form. They kept it long enough for my mind to recall the car’s grace and sophistication for its time. I swear DM just miniaturized our actual vehicle. The engine bay reeks of a feature-rich material use to showcase the details. Vinyl-coated plug wires, metal-crafted fuel and throttle lines and, down below, the metal utilization of brake cabling are just phenomenal.

The interior has been opulently appointed with gauge readability, delicately striped seat replication and the attention, in scale, paid to the door panel hardware is incredible. The wind wing latch, window cranks and door handles are fashioned flawlessly. Dash knobs and simulated sunvisors are crafted exceptionally well. The chassis, trunk and wheel detailing is above the norm and the overall stance and shape of the vehicle is as perfect as my memory will allow without shedding a tear of joy. I couldn’t personally hope for a better, more nostalgic look back on a wonderful automobile than this one. It should have a place in any diecast car collection.

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $185.00
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