1948 Ford Sportsman Diecast Model

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Danbury Mint 1948 Ford Sportsman - Ltd Ed diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1948
  • Brand: Danbury Mint
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: DM1555
  • Model: Sportsman - Ltd Ed
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Maize

As I write this, in August of 2008, I’m not sure we can still refer to the era as the ‘Golden Age of Diecast’. As the models were coming to us at an astonishing rate and from ever-increasing sources, multiple factors have dictated changes in our hobby’s environment. The costs of bringing a new model to market have risen sharply and many of the precision makers have cut back on their truly new offerings. And while The Danbury Mint has been impacted in these areas too, they continue to offer the newest and freshest subjects in precision diecast. Seriously, who would have predicted a 1:24th scale forty-eight Ford a year ago? Who even knew how rare a convertible Sportsman actually was?

The DM boys did and thank goodness they took the initiative to risk countless dollars to bring a brand new entity to the marketplace. The model, while not quite as rare as the genuine article thankfully, is exquisite! It replicates a time in American auto history where auto makers were getting back to building cars instead of concentrating on war efforts. By 1948 boys back from WW II were entrenched in working jobs and feeding their families but somehow finding a couple of extra dollars for nice automobiles. Ford’s high end vehicle was the Special DeLuxe but they wanted something more to showcase their talents and bring in more new customers. Enter the Sportsman. Metal met high grade wood and it took a wholly different craftsman to fabricate and work on this baby. And, oh baby, was she a beauty!

If the DeLuxe coupe didn’t make folks stop and stare at its elegance, the drop-top Sportsman surely did. Only 28 1948 Sportsman convertibles were fabricated by Ford and they remain as rare as hen’s teeth today. DM continues their winning ways by not only releasing the model but adding such intoxicating details to the build. The chassis makes elaborate use of brass and silver-colored metal wire to replicate brake lines, and the suspension parts and steering details are wonderfully crafted to represent the actual Sportsman it recreates. Tolerances have never looked better. The door, hood and trunk panels all meet at close proximity and everything is straight and true. The fit of wood-to-metal, superb paint and the fit of boot and top are beyond excellent on this model.

The trunk lid opens on external hinges, well scaled, and shows off great detail on the inner trunk lid and floor matting. But it’s the internal trunk hinging that steals the detail glory here. They flex at the elbow and lend a great touch of realism to the diecast. There are chrome metal-foiled “Sportsman” scripts on the trunk lid and hood sides that add even more scale nicety. High-tech hinges allow the doors to open so we can see all the beauty of the interior work. The seats have terrific stitching simulation, scaled door handles and wind-wing crank and the floor shows fabulous carpet, pedal and mat detailing. The dash and steering wheel look good too. Engine-wise, the build is typically DM all the way. Once again, those magnificent scissors-springs hinges work beautifully and almost take your eye away from the center stage, the engine.

Wait until you see the firewall detailing, wiring and plumbing and all the model-builder’s materials that went into formulating the engine bay. You have to check out the delicate way DM replicates even the tiniest of details like the radiator overflow line. The battery looks real and the fuel lines make you believe that you could actually start the motor in this lovely auto. The paint is rich and tastefully done in Maize Yellow. This joins some very elite few DM cars that I hold in highest esteem. So while there may not be quite as many cars flowing off the assembly lines as there once was, the ones we are seeing as new toolings are fantastic!

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $189.00
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