1950 Cosmopolitan Bubble Top Presidential Limousine - Truman & Ike Diecast Model

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Yat Ming 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Bubble Top Limousine- Truman & Eisenhower diecast car
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  • Year: 1950
  • Brand: Yat Ming
  • Make: Lincoln
  • Code: YM24058
  • Model: Cosmopolitan Bubble Top Limousine- Truman & E…
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Black

Back when the Ford Motor Company had a division under the Continental imprimatur, nineteen Lincoln Cosmopolitans were built (and leased) to the President of the United States. Ford took a standard Lincoln convertible, extended the wheelbase from 125 to 148 inches, and added nearly a ton to the vehicle’s weight (from 4,750 to 6,450 pounds), with the other modifications. Features included a deluxe leather interior (with folding jump seats), an intercom system, searchlights mounted on the right and left windshield frame, and a power-operated top—making this extended limo the first seven-passenger convertible so equipped. All this bulk was motivated by a 336.7 cubic-inch, 152 horsepower V-8—not exactly trophy winning performance! The limos were officially designated “USSS” (for United States Secret Service).

President Truman used them until the end of his second term. Then, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered one up for his inauguration in 1953. In 1954, Eisenhower requested a clear, Plexiglas top be made for it. The top wasn’t bulletproof (nor was the body), but it afforded spectators the ability to see the President in inclement weather. Because of this clear top, the limo was unofficially dubbed the “Bubble Top.” When in full convertible mode, the bubble top sections were stored in the trunk. Since there was no longer room to store the spare, a continental kit was added for that purpose, with two steps on the deck on either side for Secret Service agents to stand. A chromed “roll bar” could be installed just behind the front seats, to which a little, fold-up windscreen could be mounted for a standing passenger. There was also a chromed “grab rail” below it for said passenger to hold onto. President Kennedy used this limo for his inauguration in 1961. The fleet of Lincoln's understated-looking limousines remained in service until 1967. One of the “Bubble Tops” can now be seen at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

This image is the fifth presidential limo offered by The Fairfield Mint (FFM). Made by Yat Ming, it’s another example of the good quality and features they’re known for. The glossy, black paint is flawlessly applied and the chrome (lots of it) looks great. The doors, trunk, and hood all hinge on dogleg hinges, and the engine bay lacks some detail, but I don’t consider these a serious problem for an image in its price range ($44.99). The detailing in the interior is decent, if a bit over-large here and there. The two jump seats fold, there’s full “carpeting,” and the seats are made of soft, matte finish plastic. The steering works to turn the front wheels smoothly, and with a good range of motion. The continental kit tilts back to allow access to the fully “carpeted” trunk, which also contains part of the limo’s air conditioning system. Many separate, small, chromed parts adorn the exterior of the image, except for the silver-painted trunk hinges and two, domed devices (?) on the rear of the trunk lid. The bubble top also looks good (but doesn’t remove from the image). You’ll also find a reasonable amount of detail on the undercarriage, and the mounting holes for the screws aren’t too obtrusive. The plastic base that the image mounts to says, “Presidential Series – 1950 LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN (Bubble Top) – Road Signature.”

Overall, this is another good-looking image of one of the classic presidential limousines. It’s a nice complement to the other four in the series. Each of them has a long list of features and good build quality. Because of the reasonable price, it’s not too expensive to acquire a fleet of them. Together, they make a fine collection. That collection includes the 1938, 1956, and 2001 Cadillacs, as well as the 1950, and 1961 Lincolns.

-Tom Pine

  • Our Price: $54.95
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