1953 GM Firebird Scale Model

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TrueScale Miniatures 1953 GM Firebird diecast car
  • Year: 1953
  • Brand: TrueScale Miniatures
  • Make: GM
  • Code: TSM121806R
  • Model: Firebird
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: White
  • Note: Resin-cast precision replica

The 1953 Motorama was the debut of the Harley Earl designed Firebird XP-21 show car. This 2500 lb, fiberglass bodied test vehicle was General Motors first turbine powered car. It looked like a jet plane on wheels. But unlike jet planes which rely on the thrust of the engine exhaust, the 370hp Whirlfire turbine transferred its power to the rear wheels by a 2-speed transmission. The braking system had the drums outside of the wheels for better cooling and braking flaps that could be actuated on the wings. It was tested on the Indy track to a speed of 100mph, but then in second gear, the high torque caused the rear wheels to lose traction. The XP-21 designation was later changed to Firebird 1 as it was first in a series of three turbine powered Firebirds that were introduced in the two subsequent Motorama shows.

TSM's model is such a beauty to behold. It's a curbside resin reproduction clad in a flawless deep opalescent white finish with a crystal-clear bubble top. The cockpit is accurately reproduced (but darned impossible to photograph) with cloth restaints with metal hardware and a twin pistol-grip steering "wheel" with two red buttons that looks like they should fire wing mounted cannons. The dash gauges seem accurately arrayed when compared to 1:1 photos and there is photoetched metal pieces that simulate the perforated metal floor and a side panel of switches. The model is shod in proper period Firestones and the brakedrums are beautiful looking, intricate castings.

I love these 50s concept cars. Most of them are wildly impractical but so much fun to look at. This was an era where automotive manufacturers loved to incorporate design elements from the early jet age. Well, Harley Earl let it all hang out

-Rich Sufficool

  • Retail Price: $216.00
  • Our Price: $195.95
  • Out of Stock

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