1956 Buick Roadmaster Riviera 4 Door Hardtop Diecast Model

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Danbury Mint 1956 Buick Roadmaster Riviera - 4 Door Hardtop diecast car
Customer Rating: 9 stars
  • Year: 1956
  • Brand: Danbury Mint
  • Make: Buick
  • Code: DM1622
  • Model: Roadmaster Riviera - 4 Door Hardtop
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Carlsbad Black/Seminole Red/Cameo Beige

Four-doors are back baby! Has Danbury decided to add some four-door cars to the mix of automotive images coming out of Connecticut? We have seen precious little examples in the form of certain woody wagons, for instance, but four-door coupes and hardtops are like hens teeth in this scale. On a larger scale, and less precision genre, we may see some due to the abundance of material necessary to hang the two doors per side. But in this more diminutive size, internal hinging hardware makes for a difficult union between door panel and lower mounting post. This higher tech new tooling has a plethora of detailing not unlike what we’ve come to expect from the DM Boyz. And, ok, since we do not see the myriad of new automobile miniatures flowing like those produced in the diecast hey-day of collectibles, I cherish each newbie, perhaps, a little bit more.

DM chose a great image from which to work. I’m glad they chose the four-door version first and the tri-color combo. Maybe their 1:1 donor car was this color, maybe it wasn’t, but I might have picked it since it exudes the fifties Buick vision some of us older heads recall back then. Bold, bright and unafraid. The top is Carlsbad Black. Not sure where the name came from but I’ve been in the Carlsbad Caverns and it gets no blacker than that – I love it! The center and most prominent color is Seminole Red. Can we say, Florida State University Seminoles? THIS is their red! Then build it all above the base earth-tone fifties Cameo Beige and you have a tri-tone palette proud to be seen on a ’56 Roadmaster. The paint is astounding; clear, glossy and even. The separately formed chrome trim adds a final dimension of authenticity.

Details are anywhere you look. The antenna works, natch. The hood uses those scissors spring hinges, natch; the engine bay, interior and trunk exercise full detailing innovationary-fabrication while the photo-etched scripts are better than ever. DM employed cost savings techniques some time ago to keep the admission price reasonable and I have yet to hear many moans to the contrary. The fuel filler door is static and so is the suspension. For me, not a problem. The interior material in the seating areas, realistic mesh grilling in the non-functioning air scoop that Buick build below the hood mounted aero-mascot is way more important. The build lines, getting tighter and tighter, have never been more amazing and the miniature detailing of dash, console, engine lay-out and chassis are worth their weight in diecast gold bullion.

This is one of those models you will want to display proudly for all to see. Puff out your chest and say, “Look at what I have. You won’t see THIS everywhere.” Yeah, DM saw to that boys and girls. Good on ya, DM!

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $329.95
  • Out of Stock
  • No Legacy Points

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