1959 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine Diecast Model

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Precision Miniatures 1959 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1959
  • Brand: Precision Miniatures
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Code: PMSC-06B
  • Model: Series 75 Limousine
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Black


When Precision Miniatures announced they would produce this replica of the majestic Cadillac Series Seventy-Five Fleetwood Limousine, I counted the days until its release. To quote Cadillac from 1959, "The appearance of a new Cadillac is always awaited with eager anticipation by the world's motorists." Well, ladies and gentlemen, your Cadillac has arrived. Priced just under $10,000, the Series Seventy-Five Fleetwood Limousine was almost $3,000 more than the Series Sixty, and about double the cost of a Series Sixty-Two or Sixty-Three. The Series Seventy-Five line of nine-passenger sedans and limousines rode on a 149.75-inch (8.3 inches in 1:18 scale) wheelbase for a total overall car length of 244.8 inches (13.6 inches in 1:18 scale). Powering this massive 5,500-pound Cadillac was a 390 cu. in. 90 degree V-8 engine paired with a fully automatic step gear Hydra-matic drive. Cadillac featured power steering and brakes with an available air suspension, cruise control, power windows & seats, electric door locks, air conditioning, E-Z Eye glass, and featured on this replica, the "Autronic-Eye" automatic headlamp control to dim headlights as other motorists approach.

Precision Miniatures successfully captured the grandeur and timeless beauty of Cadillac's largest offering for 1959. In fact, Cadillac presented their 1959 line as "a new realm of MOTORING MAJESTY." Precision Miniatures has released this model in in four colors: Black, Maroon, Silver, and White. The wonderful high-gloss finish is executed flawlessly as is the extensive chrome work that surrounds the model in true respect to the Standard of the World. As with Precision Miniatures' previous releases, this model is solidly built with a nice weight. Given the actual overall length, this model is equally as long in scale at nearly 14 inches. You have to see this model to appreciate its grand size. It will certainly make a nice centerpiece to your collection. A lot of effort went into the details of this car like the front chrome bumper's integrated fog lamps, rear vents on the forward sides of the trunk lid, rocket ship tail lights and fixtures, signature massive tailfins, chrome door handles and grill, and four opening doors with tight shut lines.

Inside the stately car you'll find a luxurious and plush interior ready to accommodate the most discriminating owner of the time. Precision Miniatures didn't just reserve all the details for the exterior; they have packed the interior with plenty of detail too. The interior has a glass partition to divide the chauffeur's compartment from the passengers' compartment. The back of the front seat has grab handles accented in chrome and auxiliary jump seats bringing the total seating capacity to nine. Cadillac's brochure from 1959, advertised the interior as "impeccably tailored" in gray or fawn wool broadcloth or broadcloth with Bedford cord. Precision Miniatures has finished the passenger compartment in gray wool broadcloth option. In fact, it looks so realistic and plush, it made me wish I could take seat in this fine miniature. The chauffeur's compartment bench seat could be "crafted in gray or fawn leather" to match the passenger compartment. Black leather was also an available option, which is what Precision Miniatures depicted with this release. Executed well, this leather-option front seat adds a very nice detail to the chauffer compartment.

Under the hood Precision Miniatures has precisely replicated Cadillac's 390 cu. in. V8 with a blue painted engine block featuring a detailed radiator. There is sufficient detail given the prototypes engine bay including an air cleaner, battery and cables, radiator and hoses, and more. The trunk is prototypically large with plenty of space for luggage and the accompanying full size spare. The huge trunk lid and hood open with ease but retain their position without any help.

Following up on their previous releases of the 1959 Superior Coach Crown Royale Hearses and Ambulances, I suppose this limousine was inevitable, although no easy task. This hefty model as some have described it, is secured in Precision Miniatures usual foam container and huge box. Next to CMC Rennstransporter, this is the largest 1:18 scale model in my collection. As with all Legacy Motors' purchases, your model will be well packaged, and Legacy has even ordered larger shipping boxes just to be able to fit the model and packing materials to protect it during transit.

This one had been on my wish list for a long time. Now it's time for you to take it off yours. Legacy Motors has just received a shipment of these in all colors and they are available for sale now. You can even earn Legacy Points with your purchase. Models like this don't happen frequently; so don't miss out on an incredible opportunity to own a very unique offering. The issue price is $119 and it’s worth every penny.

-Bryan Miranda

  • Our Price: $119.00
  • Sold Out

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