1959 Corvette Barn Find in 1:24 Scale by Franklin Mint

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Franklin Mint 1959 Corvette Barn Find  LE of 2500 diecast car
  • Year: 1959
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Corvette
  • Code: F679
  • Model: Barn Find LE of 2500
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Barn Dust
  • Points to redeem: 3,285

I recall it starting in the fifties; small ads on the inside of matchbooks - a surplus US Army Jeep for about the price of a bicycle. Some of us car guys reasoned that the vehicle was made up from spare parts and you had to build it, but come on, a REAL military Jeep! Then the endless stories of the Vette for sale for pennies on the dollar because someone died in it and the interior’s “aroma” just won’t fade away. Eventually it all led back to stories of lucky fellows finding great cars stashed or hidden away in barns, garages and out of the way places where they never saw the light of day for untold years and for untold reasons.

This is such a car and such a story; Franklin Mint style. First off, let’s dispel a slight misgiving that arose recently. Photos of the car on TFM website showed what looked like a white car with slight dust on it. This was an obvious pre-production model. The production run makes the car look much more like a dust-covered ‘find’ unearthed after many years of sitting unprotected in a dark, dank barn in Tennessee. (Hey, there’s no license plate; I can imagine it came from a place near me!)

I have to give props to the car guys at TFM for being ever mindful of what we collectors and car addicts like and even envision from time to time and I like the way they consistently offer new and different diecast product. What I like about the rendering is the hole in the rear window of the auxiliary hard top, the spare parts in the trunk and passenger’s seat and the way FM coated them with dust. In the protection of the trunk, the parts are a little more pristine than in the open-windowed interior. But look closer; there is evidence of subtle rust here and there. Great touch FM!

TFM’s design team also shows they know their stuff about cars and Corvettes. This was a fuel injection car; but as was the case in many of these older fuelie’s, the owner switched out the injection unit for a more reliable quad carburetor. And, furthering the normal scenario, the original fuelie unit is located in the trunk along with the removed front bumper guards and the spinner from the fourth wheel cover. That wheel cover is now on the passenger’s seat. A couple more terrific touches I really appreciate are the somewhat cleaner areas of the windshield where the wipers where employed. Was it to help see while extracting the little diamond-in-the-rough from its previous gravesite? Another is the non-stock use of a mag wheel on the driver’s side front.

The engine is much cleaner than the rest of the car, lending credence to the hood being closed during its long stay in the barn. TFM also provides a nice little diorama-type stand simulating the car’s previous home, a hay bale that shows more car guy evidence – an old valve cover sitting on top, and the canvas up-top suitably dusty and worn, giving you a choice of display options. Yeah, another cool little smile-maker and a must for Corvette collectors everywhere, not just Tennessee – ha!

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $229.95
  • In Stock

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