1960 Thunderbird Convertible Diecast Model

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Danbury Mint 1960 Ford Thunderbird- Convertible- Anniversary Edition diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1960
  • Brand: Danbury Mint
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: DM1612
  • Model: Thunderbird- Convertible- Anniversary Edition
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Adriatic Green

The DM Boyz keep hitting the ball out of the park with each new T-Bird they recreate. They started out in 2005, with the “Baby Birds”; 1955 through 1957 and presented the precision diecast world with flawless fit and finish and high-tech features and detailing. They moved into the “Square Bird” realm just months later with their Monarch Blue 1958 offering and the perfection hasn’t ceased yet. This latest release, a 1960 model year in drop top attire, marks the second version of that vintage and duplicates the Monte Carlo Red coupe’s attributes but in a convertible and in a period Adriatic Green.

The presentation is more than eye catching, it exhibits all the details and functionality of previous Birds but will continue to amaze you with ever-exacting build qualities. They provide a scale tool used for opening certain sections of the model and that’s where the amazement begins. The build tolerances are representative of the perfect scaling to the 1:1. There are no undue gaps, every piece fits tight. Close the hood, doors, trunk and top panel and all matches up with complete precision. No excuse for the top either, it fits like a glove.

The chrome metal-foiled scripts and hash marks are delicately scaled but seem to be well sealed in place. The doors and hood have the realistic high-technology hinges to carry off the shrunken 1:1 car theory. Chassis build, engine bay and trunk detailing are awe inspiring as usual but the color combo goes beyond the pale, no pun intended. The color is somewhat reminiscent of the pastel period in automotive history; not too flashy, not to boring. The interior, awash in more scale detailing, is resplendent in two-tone green and the trunk gizmos and gadgetry have never looked better.

Not sure what may be next up in the DM Thunderbird lineup but I do know that I want one!

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $208.00
  • Sold Out
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