1966 Imperial Crown Sedan Green Hornet Black Beauty

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AutoArt 1966 Imperial Crown Sedan Green Hornet Black Beauty diecast car
  • Year: 1966
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: Imperial
  • Code: AA71546
  • Model: Crown Sedan Green Hornet Black Beauty
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Black
  • Points to redeem: 3,121

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for all the times when the AUTOart design and development team met with marketing and accounting. This model of the Dean Jeffries tricked out '66 Imperial Crown sedan made for the 1966 Green Hornet TV series was originally slated as fully functional, bells and whistles, numbered limited edition in the $300 price range. After much delay, the production model lost all the functionality save for operating hood and doors. So much for the much anticipated finger fun. As to the limited edition, there is a hand-numbered plate on the chassis, but the edition size is now probably "all we can sell". Mine has #5734, which may or may not offer a clue to the production run(s) made or anticipated.

The model is posed in full battle mode with all the rockets, front and rear knock-out gas nozzles, tire track obscuring brushes and surveillance drone deployed and ready for action. If you prefer to close up shop and display the model championing the clean lines of this iconic Chrysler, you're out of luck.

I have no complaints with the fit and finish. It's superb. The simulated vinyl top is beautifully textured to scale. The Keystone alloy wheels look correct. The engine compartment is crammed with detail with the stock 440 V8 faithfully replicated. The interior dash and trim (including weapon switches and electronic gizmos)seems all there and the standard "Claro Walnut" trim looks great.

Although it sports 243 separate parts, there's something a bit down scale about the whole model. Granted, it's still a diecast, but I'm not sure whether it was a victim of price overruns or did marketing feel there was better profit in the increased sales that would result if the pricetag was lowered to the +/- $200 range that it it's at now. It reminds me of the Mattel quandary between putting their models in the Elite or Super Elite series.

That said, I still really like the model, although I had signed up for the promised $300+ version. Considering what you get for a $200 diecast these days that is undoubtedly burdened by a hefty licensing fee (big bucks going to Sony), I'm glad to finally have this long asked for TV car in my collection. My Batmobile finally has its crime-fighting stable mate.

-Rich Sufficool

  • Our Price: $218.50
  • In Stock

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