1967 Corvette L88 Convertible Diecast Model

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Franklin Mint 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible- Nbr Ltd Ed of 427 diecast car
  • Year: 1967
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Code: E301
  • Model: Corvette Convertible- Nbr Ltd Ed of 427
  • Scale: 1:12
  • Color: Marina Blue
  • Note: Working lights, horn and the roar of L88 engine

Chances are good that if you are reading this as a new review you follow our fresh information releases on ‘mint’ models. You, therefore, do not need a lesson in why the 1967 Corvette is the quintessential “Mid Year” model of the marque. And you have, no doubt, read about the essence of the breed in our “Car List & Reviews” section of the website for the plethora of ’67 Vettes that have been and still are available. Just plug in, “1967 Corvette” to our search engine and have at it. Likewise, I presume you do not need a tutorial on the collectibility and value of the model’s 1:1 image; just watch the spirited action on Barrett-Jackson’s auction; televised or online. What I desire to chronicle here is the wonder of The Franklin Mint’s version of the car in slightly smaller scale. To be sure, in 1:12th, the vehicle is small enough to be more affordable than its full size cousin, yet big enough in scale form to allow participation in all that the original car had to offer. Now 40 years old, our memories may not be as clear as when the car first turned heads and jump-started our hearts. So FM has gathered it together in an endearing piece, limited to the number of cubic inches that propelled this beauty to fame, 427.

The model comes in full fiberglass regalia, in Marina Blue with black “Stinger” hood. It revamps the previous Tuxedo Black with white Stinger hood Vette, issued originally in 2004 that extended the Rally Red version initially offered in 2001. Somewhat less sinister and more attractive in its blue-on-blue treatment of exterior/interior while carrying over the red-line tires; the car is somewhat brighter and more colorful. The interior is leather-covered and done expertly well. The working features are the same and the quality of build is remarkably good even if offered in larger size. And once again, FM is true to the correct fidelity of form and shape and stance. Let’s start our perusal below.

Except for the spare tire carrier the detail is wonderful. The transmission and clutch linkage are readily apparent and easy to appreciate. The oil filter has proper markings and the suspension is workable. Ok, the exhaust ends face inward but no big deal they can be corrected by any amateur. And the only problem with the spare carrier is that it provides the cool sounds that come with the model. No “mea culpas” need be uttered by FM for that. The batteries, supplied, are inserted under the carrier’s façade. You’ll note the speaker wires as you install the three AAA batteries. Beside the carrier is a small master switch. Activating it grants access to the pleasure of sight and sound. Once it is switched to “on” push in on the ignition switch. The car belts out a 427 tune of the big block starting and revving up it’s V8. It’s slightly harder to find but on the left side of the dash you will see a black tiny button that activates the lights. Press it in and the lights come on. Press once more and the high beams illuminate. Press the brake for brake lights and press the horn button to move slower vehicles out of your path. When the lights are turned on, the dash lights work as well. Pretty cool display in a darkened room!

The interior has nicely finished genuine leather seats, windows that roll up and down, though not all the way down; do not force them. The visors raise and lower and the model comes with an auxiliary hard top. The top boot cover opens to show off the down top but even though it is fabric and highly realistic, do not try to pry it up, it is static. Under the hood you will find a grand and spectacular motor, wiring and fuel line exhibit. You can remove the air filter for a better look at the carb, linkage and fuel lines. The fan spins too.

The emblems are photo-etched and lovely and the gas filler door opens. The windshield wipers are well crafted but do not expect an outside antenna, this is a radio-delete car. The paint is extraordinary and the pieces all fit well. The doors, hood and down top tonneau all close precisely. Bigger is sometimes better and this big FM Vette is a testament to that. Issue price is $495.

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $495.00
  • Sold Out
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