1967 Ford GT40 MK IV Diecast Model

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GMP 1967 Ford GT40 MK IV- Mario Andretti/Bruce McLaren- Nbr Ltd Ed of 500 diecast car
  • Year: 1967
  • Brand: GMP
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: GMP1201314
  • Model: GT40 MK IV- Mario Andretti/Bruce McLaren- Nbr…
  • Scale: 1:12
  • Color: Yellow

It is no surprise that Enzo fought back. Indeed after the thunderous defeat of Ferrari at Daytona, Sebring and the famous 1-2-3 sweep at Lemans in 1966, the mythic sports car manufacturer vowed to take the fight to the Americans on their home soil. Their answer: the Ferrari 330 P4, a lightweight 4.0 liter V-12 with 4 overhead camshafts, 36 valves, dual ignition and fuel injection. The body was a sleek design in aluminum. The cars were lightning quick and Ferrari was an electrifying 1-2-3 at Daytona in February 1967 with all the three cars staged for the international press cameras as they crossed the finish line, just as Ford had done at Le Mans the year before. Ferrari packed up and headed back to Modena to prepare for the showdown at LeMans, confident their new stallions were up to the task of pummeling whatever Dearborn could muster. So with the clock ticking, Ford unveiled their answer at Sebring: a new GT40, the Mark IV. At Sebring, Ford faced yet another threat, the Chaparral 2F and 2D. However the revitalized GT40 proved unstoppable. Despite engine troubles that kept it off track for several laps (and Luigi Bianchi, the third scheduled driver from driving it at all), Carroll Shelby’s re-imagined GT 40 piloted by a couple of guys you might have heard of, Bruce McLaren and Mario Andretti, overwhelmed the competition. Once again they were ready to go to LeMans and prove the Ford’s might.

Like the car itself, the sheer scope and audacity of this stunning GMP replica brings back the magic of GT40 Mk IV’s 1967 Sebring win. The box comes in familiar packaging to those familiar with their 1/18 McLaren and Lola models: an outer sleeve with a line drawing of the design. There is also an inner carton showing images of the car and drivers. The Styrofoam coffin with GMP signature closure is the most secure form of packaging in the world of diecast. The weight of this model also requires set screw mounts on the bottom. Open the coffin and inside you’ll find enough goodies to keep you occupied for a good long while. The first thing I did was unpack the two accessory trays that contain the jack stands, stanchions, and access tool for lifting and opening the bonnets and doors on the model, a couple of small engine coverlets and the tires with color coded knock offs. A pair of gloves is provided as well as a booklet on the Mark IV. Read the booklet, not only for the history, but especially to understand how to handle the model.

If you’re anything like me, the smallest things make the most immediate impact when looking at a 1:12 scale model so let's talk detail first! The first thing you will want to do, well, you pretty much have to do, is set the model on the jack stands since the model comes without tires or front bonnet mounted. This gives you ample opportunity to view the vented brake rotors vents and calipers. While you have the bonnet, off, take some time to notice the cooling lines to the radiator and the sizeable coolant reservoir tank. Admire the detail of the working suspension. The only omission appears to be the front and rear transport hooks, but overall these really take away from the vehicles space-ready shape so they aren’t readily missed. The front cowling appears to have dual cowl opening for the brake lines vents, while historic photos from the race itself looks like only a single vent was left open. But the front cowling has more going for it – especially the dense, jewel like Porsche style headlights, the deftly executed MK IV lettering and ebony black striping. The inset for the front bonnet sets perfectly and is part of what differentiates the Sebring and LeMans configurations: in this baby the rear tire moves to the back. And, to top it off (pun intended) the model has to be the operable fuel fill.

Open the cockpit and the detail moves up another level. The harness is typical GMP – ruggedized nylon with realistic photo-etched chrome buckles and capos. The soft touch seating, Spartan yet detailed dash and gauges are sublime. Want real race day detail? Notice the dual aluminum conduit along the sides of the cockpit running back to the engine. Try to find that kind of detail on your typical 1:18 scale LMP road racer. While the front and cockpit areas are stunning, the engine is an achievement. The writer recommends you review it last, because after seeing it, it will become the engine you compare to all other engines in your collection. Lift the rear cowl only when you have an hour or two to revel in the goodies.

The legendary 427 Ford engine and its bundle of snakes header/exhaust system is a marvel to look at: from the fatigued coloration of the piping to the articulated fittings. All wiring and plumbing is precision placed. The optional transparent pan cover for the dual Holly’s are the kind of touch you long for from other premium diecast manufacturers. The engine is a diverse mix of chrome (valve covers), metal (headers and exhaust) wire, and different types of highly detailed impact plastic molding. The functional rear suspension is also just as marvelous to look at (you didn’t get ahead of us and mount the tires, did you?). The coil over springs, the suspension arms and differential are all twisted up brilliantly - nice and tight. You even appreciate details like the scaled black chaining that tethers the rear bonnet to the chassis.

Mount the massive and realistic, air cushioned and textured soft Firestones to the wheels and set the whole works down and you’ll be reminded anew what a wonderfully swooping piece of sculpture the Mark IV was and is. The brilliant solar yellow, the sensual lines, the thin and delicate spoiler are all precisely executed. The Mark IV marks one of history’s finest motor racing achievements and this GMP model brilliantly depicts the style and engineering that made it a legend. Limited to an edition size of 500, it is a fantastic addition to any collection of road racing classics or be fabulous as a stand alone piece. Take that Enzo!

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $499.95
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