1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV #3 Andretti / Bianchi 1:18 by Exoto

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Exoto 1967 Ford GT40 MKIV #3  Andretti/Bianchi-1967 Le Mans diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1967
  • Brand: Exoto
  • Make: Ford
  • Code: EX18052
  • Model: GT40 MKIV #3 Andretti/Bianchi-1967 Le Mans
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Copper Metallic
  • Points to redeem: 14,214

Think of the Ford GT40 and chances are good that you will not envision this specific design. Much more slippery in shape than the MK II and earlier designs, the MK IV is far more aerodynamic and stealthy. Fresh from Exoto’s, “1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV at Le Mans” series, this metallic copper model commands attention. The ‘look’ is as exotic as any of today’s supercars, maybe more so. It certainly eclipses Ford’s $150,000 GT street warrior that was based on the earlier version of this machine.

You may not find more stunning detail than is on this model. Exoto built in a ton of value for the money here. Let’s count the opening panels. The front nosepiece tilts and opens forward. Two metal chains tether it. The doors both open smartly and are also tethered by fine wire that disappears within the door when closed. The hinges are not visible. The engine hatch tilts rearward and like the nosepiece, it is held in check by fine chains. Within the hatch is a spare tire hatch cover, necessary to homologate the car in its class though never used when actually racing, of course. Lastly, there is a fuel filler door that opens on the driver’s side (right hand drive) of the car just fore of the driver’s door. By my count that is six opening panels. Let’s revisit each again. Under the nosepiece you will see that the headlights are wired. The radiator is finished in photoetched metal. The working suspension here may best be seen with the bonnet tilted forward. Tire pattern too, come to think about it. With doors ajar, you will absolutely marvel at the inconceivable amount of detailing in such a small area. Peering in from the passenger’s side of the car, your eyes are met with red and blue anodized fittings leading from outboard fuel cells with metal lines and braided hoses. The dash holds a plethora of switches and toggles. From the driver’s side of the cockpit we find even more craftsmanship. The seat is alive with fine texture and intricate detail. The seat belts are fabric with photoetched buckles. An extinguisher lies under the driver’s knees and the dash is full of well-crafted gauges.

Be cautious as you open the engine hatch; you may go into sensory overload here. The detailing will have you believing that you were somehow transported back in time to 1967 and are looking at the real car. The engine is the center of attention. Even though your gaze may wander from the operational suspension, with its red coil-overs, to the finely scaled orange plug wires, you will always return to that Ford V-8. Braided hoses and the heat-baked exhaust system, held down aft by genuine springs, may tease you too, but you will once again return to the star of the show and its wonderful dual quads perched atop the heart of this beast. Covered by a clear air box, you will see anodized fuel fittings and hoses and mechanical throttle linkage under glass. Holding the air box in place are two minutely crafted springs on either side. When the hatch is lowered back into position, two vinyl connections are made sealing the outside air vents to the internal inlets supplying the carburetors with mass quantities of air. The parts meet together seamlessly. This engine is a work of art unto itself. But don’t miss the transaxle detail under the bundle-of-snakes pipes before tearing up over this masterpiece. It, too, is wonderful.

This model is a triumph of fit, finish, details and historical correctness. You may not even have a place for this genre of model in your collection but trust me, one look at it in person and you’ll need this model on your shelf, it is that darn good. A no-brainer; 5 out of 5 on the drool index meter.

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $995.00
  • In Stock

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