1968 Airstream International Land Yacht in 1:24 Scale

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Franklin Mint 1968 Airstream International Land Yacht (Revised & Reissued) Rally Nbr Ltd Ed of 1500 diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1968
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Airstream
  • Code: C399
  • Model: International Land Yacht (Revised & Reissued)…
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Aluminum

The review of the first issue of this interesting die cast image was from a lady’s perspective. Let’s do this one from the viewpoint of someone who spent a lot of years camping and who is going to be hitting the road in some form of “land yacht” in the near future.

I’ve talked about big 1:24 images in the past, but this baby’s one of the BIG bruisers. It dwarfs all the car and pickup images I own and is only exceeded by the Abrams M1A1. I missed out on the original release (too many cars on the list at that time), and didn’t want to fork over a small fortune for an after-market sale, so this was a treat, even at the LE price (of $100 more). The layout’s different, but I remember little of what the interior of the original looked like, so I’ll describe what this one’s like without a comparison.

First, the exterior of this image looks great and captures the aluminum-skinned look of the original well. The antenna is in the open position, unlike the stowed position on the former release. There are two 1:24 scale propane bottles on the hitch frame, as well as a working crank that raises and lowers the jack post. [It probably occurs to you at this point that this allows the Airstream to be displayed with a 1:24 tow vehicle that has a trailer hitch.] There’s an outer door and a screen door which, when opened, allows the doorstep to be extended into place. The exterior’s festooned with all the lights, chrome fittings, and logos on the original Land Yacht. There are four tandem wheels with rubber tires, showing authentic tread patterns. The undercarriage detailing is sparse but only because the real trailer’s bottom was covered in aluminum sheeting for better airflow. There’s a right side hatch that would allow access to the battery, heater, and other plumbing, but it doesn’t open. Too bad—it would have been a neat, extra touch on this LE.

The top of the trailer, which shows three hatches (one with tinted plexi) and an air-conditioning unit, lifts off to reveal the interior layout. It is as follows: bathroom (with operational sliding door) in the rear, bedroom with twin beds (must be the Ozzie and Harriet version), kitchen with all appliances (the refrigerator doors open), dining area with table, and living room with sofa. This time the cloth used features earth-toned colors on the curtains, sofa, beds, pillows, and outside awning (which deploys). The “carpet” is a wine red color. Real wood veneer is used on the table, shelves, panels, and doors.

In its day, the aerodynamic Airstream was indeed a “Land Yacht” among trailers. The slippery shape allowed for towing by an automobile—not requiring a truck, or a fifth wheel. Airstreams were pricey in their day but are still desired by many R-V enthusiasts. FM, known for producing “oddball” images, has done justice to the regal Airstream Land Yacht. The issue price is $295.

-Tom Pine

  • Our Price: $589.95
  • Out of Stock

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