1969 Cyclone Spoiler II Dan Gurney in 1:24 Scale by GMP Diecast Model

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GMP 1968 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II - Dan Gurney - Ltd Ed of 3450 diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1968
  • Brand: GMP
  • Make: Mercury
  • Code: GMP8262
  • Model: Cyclone Spoiler II - Dan Gurney - Ltd Ed of 3…
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: White with Blue Top and Stripe

The Comet was Mercury's do-all and be-all car. From its debut in 1960 on a stretched Falcon frame, it was their compact, intermediate and pony car entry pretty much all at the same time. By the mid-sixties the youth oriented high performance car market was exploding and Stock car racing, in which Mercury was also active, was abandoning full size platforms for intermediate bodied racers. The Comet would be Mercury's answer. The 1967 introduction of the Cougar freed the Comet to evolve into a dedicated muscle car and race car platform. NASCAR began to place limitations on raw power for safety reasons so races began to be won or lost based on aerodynamics that reduced drag and kept the cars on the track. In 1968 a fastback coupe style was offered and was an immediate sales success outselling the notchback by almost 20 to 1.

In 1969 only the fastback returned. In order to provide an even more aerodynamic shape for their race teams, a special model designated the Cyclone Spoiler ll offered an extended nose of 19.5" with a downward angle of 35°. It also had rerolled rocker panels that gave the car the appearance of being an inch lower. A fixed spoiler mounted on the deck validated its moniker. 519 units were slated to be built which homologated this body style for NASCAR certification. Despite intial announcements that they would offer the 428 Cobra-Jet option, all the true long nose Spoiler ll's that were built were equipped with the 290hp 351 Windsor engine and the FMX automatic transmission. Two trim versions were offered to honor two Mercury NASCAR drivers.... the Dan Gurney edition in Wimbledon White and Presidential Blue and the Cale Yarborough edition in Candy Apple Red and Wimbledon White.

GMP has crafted the pair of these rather rare and esoteric cars in precision 1/24 scale and whether these cars evoke memories or make you want to hit your reference material, you've got to admire tha craftsmanship and attention to detail these beautiful diecasts display. The paint is rich and snooth and the color separation is good. The glazing is crystal clear and distortion free. All trim save for the door locks are chromed and, as the models depict, came with the AM radio option. An antenna with spare is provided separately in the packaging. The front and rear grill and light assemblies are exquisitely detailed. The black spoiler and twin hood stripes have a realistic matte finish to them. Shod to vented chrome wheels are a set of raised letter 14" Goodyear Polyglas tires with astonishingly crisp tread patterns. All panels are operational including the gas filler door. Shut lines and panel lines are reasonably tight. The doors have invisible spring-loaded hinges and the hood and trunk have simple arc hinges. Add a pair of beatifully modeled wipers and a pair of side sport mirrors and you've got a real pretty looking machine in miniature. The trunk is nicely modeled; the spare and jack assembly is excellent. The floor is covered with a black/white plaid patterned liner and a fairly detailed trunk lock and fuel filler tube can also be seen. All of those features are somewhat overshadowed by an obtrusive oversized hinge system with large screw fasteners and weld points. Painted white, it's unfortunately very distracting. The undercarriage is very nicely done with a realistically metallized exhaust system, metal brake and fuel lines, and real metal functioning leaf springs on the rear suspension. The front suspension, however, is static as ride height problems took precidence. Real metal coil springs are visible up in the shock towers and all the suspension and steering parts are accurate and finely scaled.

Under the hood, a real treat awaits. Perfectly scaled from hood latch to fire wall, there's all the detail you could ask for. A wired up Autolite "Staful" battery provides the juice to the 351 V8 that's plumbed and wired down to the PCV system, heater hoses... more detail than these eyes can take in. All the stickers and ID plate add to the authentic look and will definitely make you reach for your magnifiers.

Last, but not least, is the interior. I got a real kick out of this. I owned a '68 390 Galaxy fastback that my father had bought because he could store his salt water fishing poles inside, so I remember the interior look very well. GMP has nailed the look, feel and texture of this symphony in plastic. All the trim is perfectly done, including finely modeled metal sill plates. The metal seatbelt hardware is a cut above the normal photoetched offering. These are solidly 3-D and very believable. The front seat backs fold forward and even the release handles are featured. The shoulder harnesses are folded above on the headliner which has the proper stitched panels with dome and courtesy lights. Sunvisors are functional and the rearview mirror is affixed to the windshield without a trace of adhesive, which really amazes me. Parking brake handle, chrome trimmed pedals, door lock buttons, finely modeled speaker screens, fine ply carpeting, chromed hardware and that cute little key set in the ignition all come together to create one of the best interiors I've seen in a diecast. Ok... part of this might be a nostalgia trip, but if you remember late sixties Ford products, you'll know exactly what I mean when you see these diecasts.

GMP is getting better with each new release, and to my mind, this pair of Cyclones place them firmly at the level of the mints. I would like to see them upgrade their hood and trunk hinging systems to the more accurate state-of-the-art hinges that Danbury Mint now includes in their latest releases... but other than that, I have no nits to pick. Congratulations to the crew in the Peach State. The cars are solid winners.

-Richard Sufficool

  • Retail Price: $145.00
  • Our Price: $96.00
  • Out of Stock
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