1970 Porsche 908/2 #48 Steve McQueen Sebring 2nd Diecast Model

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AutoArt 1970 Porsche 908/2 #48-  Steve McQueen- Sebring 2nd diecast car
  • Year: 1970
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: Porsche
  • Code: AA87072
  • Model: 908/2 #48- Steve McQueen- Sebring 2nd
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: White

The car the driver & the race.

The beauty of collecting “historic” race cars is that they are little snapshots of history. They are models of a specific car that were driven by specific men at a specific race. This model ends up being a “perfect storm” when car, drivers and race combine to make an unforgettable moment.

The car

The Porsche 908L with a three liter flat eight producing 350 to 375hp. Chassis #022 was built in early 1969 to race at Daytona. It was modified/updated into the 908/02 Spyder specification in 1970 after it was purchased by the “Solar Productions” film company. The 908’s were by 1970 considered “second line” privateer cars running in the smaller displacement P3 category. The factory Porsche effort was headed by the larger group five 917’s and the updated shorter, wider and lighter 908/03 cars.

The drivers

Steve McQueen and Peter Revson. It was McQueen’s film production company that bought the car which was to be used as a camera car for the upcoming movie “Le Mans”. McQueen was an actor better known for is competitive motorcycle riding and Revson was an heir to the Revlon fortune and had established himself as a driver but was not yet considered on the level of the drivers in the “factory” cars.

The Race

The Twelve Hours of Sebring. The second stop of the 1970 FIA World Championship and round two of a yearlong battle between Porsche and Ferrari for the manufacturer’s trophy.

The 1970 Sebring race ended up being an epic battle of attrition between the Porsche 917’s and the Ferrari 512’s. The 908/02 just kept running lap after lap in an utterly reliable fashion that kept it among the leaders for the entire race. To add to the drama McQueen had broken his left foot in a motorcycle accident a few weeks before and was driving with a cast on his foot. This actually left the bulk of the driving to Revson who proved to be more than up to the task and established himself as a driver to be reckoned with.

In the final hour of the race McQueen and Revson found themselves not only leading their class but leading the entire race! In a desperate attempt to catch them and secure victory the Ferrari team manager Mauro Forghieri called in his second place 512S and turned the driving over to their star driver, Mario Andretti, whose own car had gone out with mechanical problems. Mario stormed back to beat the little old Porsche by a mere 22 seconds in what Mario himself later called “the drive of my life”.

McQueen went on to make his movie with the trusty 908/02 converted into a high speed camera car. It was not lost on a number movie’s viewers that some of the plot of the movie “Le Mans” mirrored Sebring's events. Revson went on to a successful, though ultimately tragic, racing career and Porsche went on to handily win the championship. Sebring to this day remains one of the premier race venues for sport racing cars with Porsche & Ferrari still battling each other for glory.

AutoArt has done a fine job in recreating this piece of automotive history for racing fans, movie fans and collectors who like to tell interesting stories.

Let’s start with the givens. The fit and finish of the car are up to Autoart’s top standards which mean that they are excellent. The paint color is perfect and the pin striping which could easily spell disaster on an unadorned car , is flawless. Shut lines are tight and consistent and Autoart has installed little magnets to keep the front hatch in place – a welcome touch that will be appreciated by all the Porsche model collectors who are constantly dropping the hatches off of their PMA 906’s and Exoto 910’s

The cockpit is Spartan as it was on the real car and frankly looks a bit too “plastic” except for the nicely executed safety harness. Wheels and tires are well done and the stance of the car looks to be “spot on”.

There is not much to see in the front compartment of the car but under the rear deck you’ll find that the engine compartment has been fairly well replicated with nicely executed wiring, plumbing and hoses. It is all mostly plastic but the textures and colors that have been added to the plastic really show off well to the eye. I find the overall execution “under the hood” to be superior to the 908/3 models that came out a few years ago. The glazing is likewise very well done with the headlights being devoid of that “phony” look that plagues so many model cars.

This is one of those cars that you wish the rear body work could be removed because there is a lot of good detail that is very hard to see – at least with a camera lens.

Gripes? Well the steering wheel and the shift lever look really cheap with mold flashing and seams visible and I might be wrong but I don’t think the actual car’s doors had such prominent hinges. Also there is a part of me that would have liked to see the lights covered on this model because that is how the car ran a good deal of the race – another part of Sebring history but the model is great just the way it is.

A great model that carries with it a great story. This one is a winner!

-Frank Lemire

  • Our Price: $189.00
  • Out of Stock

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