1970 Z-28 Camaro Diecast Model

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Franklin Mint 1970 Chevrolet Z-28 diecast car
  • Year: 1970
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Code: E155
  • Model: Z-28
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Hugger Orange

Franklin Mint is living large these days – upping their scale from 1:24th to 1:18th for these three gorgeous Camaros. Offered in three delicious colors, you have your choice of Hugger Orange, Daytona Yellow or Mulsanne Blue. These Z28’s feature contrasting interiors in black for the two citrus-flavored cars or matching blue on the Mulsanne model. All, of course, feature the standard Z28 dual center stripes in black.

Franklin Mint’s foray into this larger scale, now totaling eight replicas, including these Camaros, is a departure of sorts since the mainstay of their offerings have long been in the 1:24th precision field. Folks such as Highway 61, GMP and Kyosho have made the other 1:18th scale cars for FM, the Camaros are all new FM toolings. And while this trio may not be as ‘precision’ in detail-nature as some of their newer and smaller siblings, they afford the buyer a great value in detail and fit and finish for their price point. At $69 per issue, there is a lot to like, especially if you are into the early Camaro. The look of the car is classic and, in your choice of colors, very desirable. The fit and finish is excellent. Doors, trunk lids and hoods all fit beautifully. The paint hints at a clearcoat and is glossy and velvety smooth.

Interior features are sharply patterned seats, with belts formed into the replication, good dash and gauge detail and flocked carpet simulation. All-together door panel molding eliminates separate pieces such as window cranks and door latches but keep costs down. But more than making up for such intricacies are beautifully formed wheels and tires, trunk instruction labeling and magnificent engine detail. The 360 HP power plant features fine, scaled wiring, terrific plumbing touches and grand little caution labels and stickers.

Keep an eye out for more of these larger scale FM models; I think they will have a success here and that will surely breed future offerings and a broadened array of models. Issue price is $69.

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $69.00
  • Sold Out

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