1979 Porsche 935 Turbo #0 Interscope Daytona 24 Hr Winner Diecast Model

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Exoto 1979 Porsche 935 Turbo #0 - Ongais/Field/Haywood diecast car
  • Year: 1979
  • Brand: Exoto
  • Make: Porsche
  • Code: EX19103
  • Model: 935 Turbo #0 - Ongais/Field/Haywood
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Black & Red

I tend to have an unhealthy love for things that are over the top. Give me a whopper over a burger, cognac over gin or an Exoto over a Welly. The same applies to cars: the refined elegance of a Bentley Arnage or the smooth lines of a Maserati Ghibli shouldn’t be discounted. But give me the choice between those refined and understated automobiles and a Lamborghini Countach and I’m going to take the Bull every time. I suppose that goes a long way to explaining my unhealthy attraction to FIA Group 5 cars from the late 1970s. They’re tasty, not tasteful. The cars are very nearly caricatures, taking a base “shape” with every kind of contour, vent, duct and spoiler combination to make it zing through any wind and stuffing it with way too much turbo charged horsepower to be considered sane. See, I’m panting already and it’s only the second paragraph.

The Porsche 935 represents the pinnacle of Group 5 development and also give some insight into it’s insanity. Starting with a base Porsche 911, the cars were aerodynamically reformulated (to the point where the headlights are in the spoiler) and given engines from the Gods a 590hp 2.85L that, when the conditions were right, could actually spike to about 800 hp – usually taking the driver (and any drivers in the vicinity) on a wild ride. It’s unpredictability aside, the Porsches would dominate Group 5 for many years, with multiple titles at Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring. The two models reviewed here from Exoto represent two of these fire breathing demons, one a winner at Daytona, the other a winner at Sebring. If you think the amount of sponsorship in racing today is ridiculous, the Interscope entry won the 1979 Winston GT-World Championship for Makes World Challenge for Endurance Drivers 24-Hour Pepsi Challenge. Egad. The #0 Interscope entry was sponsored by driver-department store heir Ted Field.

While Field fancied himself a driver he was no dilettante and got some of the best young guns in the business to pilot his entry. While Field himself took the green flag, Danny Ongais (who along with Lloyd Ruby is perhaps the most snake bitten drivers in Indy 500 history) and future road racing legend Hurley Haywood (whom I like for obvious reasons) did the bulk of the driving, dominating the race though limping across the finish line at the end. That same year, the Sebring #9 winner had a different pedigree; a less colorful cadre of drivers (Bob Akin, Rob McFarlin and Roy Woods), and but a more established owner in Dick Barbour and an unforgettable unusual royal blue Budwesier sponsored ride. Their plan was simple, keep the boost low and don’t have the turbo chargers pack it in early - run the race for 24 hours. Sure enough, the raced came to them and at the end of 12 hours, they were P1.

The models from Exoto of these two winners build on their stunningly successful Porsche 935 platform. From the unforgettable (and scarce to find) Jagermeister set to these most recent entries, this Porsche 935 mold has become among the most venerable in the business. It’s easy to see why. The deep yet not thick paint that highlights each model in beautiful silouhette. Neither the blue or black paint has any trace of orange peel yet each is put through an eleven step paint process to get a clear-lacquer sheen about them. Add bruilliant splashes of clor and striping in the logos and striping, (more apparent on the Budweiser car, particularly the roof logo and pin striping) and you could swear these models could have come from the studios of Chip Foose. While we can celebrate the models similarities, it is important to notice attention has been paid to individualize the models. Therefore the so called “flat nose” has a completely different brake air duct appearance on each model. The Bud entry has an unapologetic steel bull nose mesh while the Interscope entry has a recessed black mesh more inline with the stealthy look of the whole model.

Front end details like the headlights, the tow hitch, thin steel spoiler, photo etched hood fasteners and removable cowl are the same, but the Bud car has 14 graded louvers over each front brake/tire. The Bud car also has unique driver side rear view mirror placements and a light mount on the roof. Rear construction features the famous whale tail spoiler and rear cowl though each model has an individually vent configurations (louvers on the Interscope, mesh on the Bud car) Here’s where a few of those furious Exoto details pop up, like the dual wicker bill strips that appear to be individually riveted on both models, painted black on the Interscope entry and cold steel on the Bud.

The engine may be more fully appreciated from the bottom up rather than from the top down. On Exoto’s website it indicates the rear cowl is detachable, but I couldn’t comfortably do this and so I didn’t force it. The engine’s quite visible in either case, from basic engine block detail to the KKK turbo charger and the heat effected exhaust. The working suspension is detailed front and rear as are brake cooling systems which feature soft ducts. You can get an even better view of the brake detail by removing the the BBS wheels using the supplied lug wrench. Did we mention the soft Goodyear racing slicks? Did we mention the miraculaous fuel and electrical system detail under the front cowl? How about the fully realized driver cockpit featuring a fully realized roll bar, soft color keyed driver side window mesh and dead on accurate dash, wheel and instrument cluster? Or the racing bucket with nylon harness with photo-etched buckles? As a reviewer, it’s hard not to gush over the models from Moorpark, California and these two are no exception. Even a jaded Group 5 junkie has to be a bit awed. Make it a double whopper with cheese please!

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $398.95
  • Out of Stock
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