1987 Buick Regal Turbo T in white by GMP in 1:24 Scale Diecast Model

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GMP 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T diecast car
Customer Rating: 9 stars
  • Year: 1987
  • Brand: GMP
  • Make: Buick
  • Code: GMP8204
  • Model: Regal Turbo T
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: White

Like your Buick with a lot of kick but aren't into "sinister" black? Then, the Buick Regal "Turbo T" would be right up your alley. Though they may have looked like the family Regal (and came in all available Regal colors), under the skin all turbo Buicks with the "T" option were Grand Nationals with a regular Regal body and interior. In fact, some think the non-GN Turbo T's were faster, due to the fact the aluminum bumper inserts and aluminum rear drums (but only if the rear-end wasn't limited-slip) made them lighter- ergo, faster. Of course, since the "T" option was basically an appearance and suspension package, you could have ordered up your Regal with the factory 307 V-8 instead of the turbo V-6 and still have a "T" Buick. When you think of it, the "Turbo T" really was "your Dad's (or Mom's) Buick!"

Utilizing the same dies used for the GN series, GMP has now released this version of the 1987 Buick Regal—the Turbo T. As if to underline the difference, GMP painted this image white. It utilizes a different set of alloy wheels and has a maroon red interior. Since it’s essentially the same technology as the first GN, there’s no working suspension system on this image either. (I’m told the reason that the GN and GNX literature said so, was that GMP basically reprinted the information from the 1:18 release of the same car.) With this image, you can look forward to the same level of features and quality as the first two releases, including removable floor mats (which are packed separately in the trunk). In short, you’re going to get a well-made image with excellent detailing.

Since this is the third image I've reviewed from GMP, I’d like to touch on a couple of things. In the reader reviews for the GNX, one fellow complained that the cooling fan was mounted on the crankshaft pulley. I looked on this Turbo T image, and—sure enough—there it is! I looked around and couldn’t really see where else the fan could be mounted (aside from making it a separate, electric unit as on cars with transverse-mounted engines), considering the unusual layout of the turbo unit and plumbing. I’m open to anyone who could explain this apparent anomaly. Also, some have pointed out the fact that these 1:24 images lack suspension systems. Well, something could be said for the fact that, being priced where they are, GMP’s images are squarely in the same price point ballpark as DM’s offerings. Attention to detail and build quality aside, in my humble opinion GMP needs to consider this, especially since their 1:18ths have this feature.

Nevertheless, I stand by my praise for GMP’s products. They have shown themselves to be contenders in the precision die cast arena and I feel the features and “goodies” will come—provided GMP sees the same action from their 1:24 collectors that they’ve seen from their 1:18 collectors. Need an example? Check out the 1969 Mercury Cyclones’ features (the reviews are on this site) and the progress they’ve made with those releases. I’m watching GMP with great interest. It’s nice to see a company trying to do justice to 1:24 images and their collectors. I’ll be interested to see what projects they choose for the future—and what innovations they incorporate on those images.

[NOTE: My question above was answered by Tim Stockwell, a National Mustang Racers Association (part of the National Muscle Car Association) Tech Official: “I just read your review on the white GMP Turbo Regal. On the Turbo Regals, the fan you talk about is the intercooler fan, and it is about 8" in diameter and mounted directly to the crankshaft pulley. Its sole purpose is to cool the intercooler. The engine-cooling fan is electric, and mounted directly to the radiator in traditional fashion.” I looked again, closer this time, and saw the main cooling fan mounted behind the main radiator and could also see the small, intercooler radiator. Now we know why a fan would be mounted on the crankshaft pulley—and the caliber of folks who read our humble reviews. Thank you, Tim!]

-Tom Pine

  • Our Price: $89.95
  • Out of Stock
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