2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept Diecast Model

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West Coast 2003 Cadillac Sixteen Concept diecast car
  • Year: 2003
  • Brand: West Coast
  • Make: Cadillac
  • Code: WC60DG
  • Model: Sixteen Concept
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Blue/Gray

Spectacular! I told Brian Dunning, owner of West Coast Precision Diecast and the creator of this magnificent replica, that I was going to start this review with the very first word I uttered to myself as I set eyes on it for the first time. The diecast pays homage to a concept car that will not be built in 1:1 production form. But I, for one, am certainly thankful that Brian built the car in scale miniature. And “spectacular” only begins to tell the whole story. The model is being made in three colors: Burgundy, Blue/Gray and Black. I like that we’re given a choice of paint right from the start. Instead of the maker picking a color and the buyer hoping for a better repaint sometime in the future, this is a fresh idea that Brian has had from the beginning of WCPD and one in which I applaud.

Another fresh and non-boring idea with these models is that they are not all created equal. Edition wise, anyway. The Blue/Gray version comes in an edition of 2500. But both the Burgundy and Black variants are issued in unit sizes of 1500. You may easily note the paint finish before you see anything else in the model. That, and its actual heft, as you hold it. The finish on all three variations is exquisite. The car mirrors its surroundings. The metallic is scaled beautifully in person and in any light. The magnification of the camera lens, however, will not do justice to the brilliance of the paint work as it erroneously presents larger metallic flakes. To cover such a large automobile replica as this and get the paint so flawless is an achievement in itself. You will have a time picking a single color; they are all equally gorgeous!

Once you get into actually looking the model over you will be struck by the amount of precision craftsmanship. On each of the three examples I have inspected, the hood, doors and trunk shut lines are exceptionally tight. All body panels line up faultlessly and everything functions like a Swiss timepiece. There are instructions on how to open the hood halves. They are centrally hinged but once you follow the directions and open either side you may be blown away by the internal detailing mastery. Do not look past the hinging though; it is what enables the pieces to work like the real concept vehicle. The titanic V-16 is commanding. The Cadillac script on top of the 1000 horsepower beast is laser sharp. So are the marque’s badges fore and aft.

The third brake light assembly in the upper portion of the trunk lid is as seamless as the rest of the car. The three-piece chrome side moldings are arrow straight and the side vent system must be seen up close to be fully appreciated; it is an awesome touch. The door hinges are yet another inspiring facet of the build. They are internally sprung and fit phenomenally, even with the window glass in place. The interior is one of the most singular pieces of build brilliance on the big model. The belts and buckles are grand, the dash is beyond beautiful and do not miss the wonderfully replicated and centrally-mounted Bvlgari clock. I completely love the crystal wine glasses located on the rear console. Functionality was not lost here either Caddy lovers. The seats recline and slide forward and back.

More operational features on the model include attention to detail in chassis and trunk. Below the big concept car you will find working suspension and removable wheels. By the way they represent aluminum wheels in the 24 inch class! The center Cadillac crested cap is held in place by a tiny magnet. There is a central screw holding the wheel on. Without it you will enjoy the chromed componentry and brake calipers and rotors. There are a myriad of wires and lines and the exhaust coloration looks for all the world as if it were real. You are going to relish opening the trunk. The big Sixteen comes with a matching set of luggage. Of course it is an extension of the interior’s fine leather appointments. But to get at it, the trunk’s floor tray may be pulled out. Clever.

The overall presence of this diecast replica is simply extraordinary. Brian and his build team have far exceeded anything I could have dreamed of in miniaturizing a concept vehicle. The model is elegance personified and worth every penny the buyer spends on this diecast. I have not changed my mind since the entire process of examining it took place – spectacular!

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $160.00
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