2004 Corvette C5 Convertible - Commemorative Ed. Diecast Model

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Franklin Mint 2004 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Convertible - Commemorative Edition -  Nbr Ltd Ed  of 9900 diecast car
Customer Rating: 9 stars
  • Year: 2004
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Code: C911
  • Model: Corvette C5 Convertible - Commemorative Editi…
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: LeMans Blue Metallic

Franklin Mint continues its tradition of producing more C5 images than any other generation of Corvette with this, the second Commemorative Edition 2004 model. Including the first D4C Limited Edition Club Car and the All American Corvette Collection, this release, by my count, makes the 16th C5 issued to date.

Certainly one of the more striking and beautiful Corvettes to grace the last year of the C5 production run, the convertible was one of three models designated as the Commemorative Edition lineup. This rag top and the standard coupe configuration were done in the dark LeMans Blue to commemorate Corvette successes at the 24 Hours of LeMans. They also received the Shale interior offered the prior year in the 50th Anniversary Red edition cars. The 2004 Commemorative Edition Z06 model, also in LeMans Blue with center stripes, was offered with black interior only.

Faithful to their prior issues, Franklin has done well with the C5 models. Although a few areas could use some of the latest tech attention, several things remain very well presented. Chassis, under-hood detailing and working visors would be a few items benefiting from an update along with the removal of the passenger door’s key lock and dogleg hinges. But on the positive side of the presentation, the stance, on working suspension, paint application and fit of doors, hood and trunk lid are kept reasonably precise. I have noticed some minor fit problems, from model to model, on the front edge of the hood and headlights. But on most they are spot on. The interior is still a plus on the ledger board but it’s time we lose the CD disk sticking out of the dash. They get sucked back in after a few seconds in the 1:1. The car comes with polished aluminum wheels and FM got that precisely correct. And even though chrome-foiled badging would have been nice, the tampo’ed Commemorative emblems, front and rear and on the interior ‘waterfall’ are crisp and straight. When the top cover panel is raised, just above that waterfall, you will see a simulated ‘down top’. The model comes with the ‘up top’ in matching Shale and it compliments the dark blue paint very well.

Once again, a must for the Corvette collector, but it begs the question as to whether we will see the Commemorative Coupe added to the lineup and perhaps more importantly, will this convertible sell as well as the 50th Anniversary convertible? Good presentation, 4 stars! The issue price is $105.

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $189.00
  • Out of Stock
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