2006 Corvette C6 Z06 Police Car Diecast Model

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Franklin Mint 2006 Corvette C6 Police Car  LE of 5000 diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 2006
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Corvette
  • Code: E831
  • Model: C6 Police Car LE of 5000
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Silver/Blue
  • Points to redeem: 2,357

High marks to TFM for this little concept. Hate ‘em or love ‘em, Corvettes sell; seemingly, no matter how many variations you may see them in. In keeping with their lineup of police cars, TFM adds the Z06 to the Porsche 911, Lamborghini and ’99 Corvette police cars. There’s even a Mini Cooper upcoming in police attire.

What’s cool about this Vette is that it is a C6 Z06, a 2006 model year variation that Franklin enhanced and refitted from their initial C6 tooling. It has the new-tech door hinges and the subtle differences that the Z06 has in comparison to the standard C6 Corvette. Then for classic whimsy TFM added the law enforcement accoutrement and handsome paint scheme. No hiding behind billboards for this bad guy chaser, this is an in-your-face, coming-after-you-hard machine. It sports the blue and red roof lights, blue lights in the front half turn indicators, ram-bar front grille protector and not-so-subtle, “POLICE” emblazoned on the doors. There is a nicely done crest on the hood, “911” rear license plate and a tongue-in-cheek, “Gotcha” front license plate.

Franklin fashioned a gorgeous working environment for the interior. The officer/operator has an up to date computer, police radio with coiled wire connection, a riot gun, looks like 12 gauge to me, a cordless two-way radio and flash light. These last three features are separate items and can be displayed as you wish. The engine detail is excellent as is the chassis and rear storage compartment. The suspension is functional and the chrome metal-foil badges are most welcomed. The entire ensemble makes a nice conversation piece, a ‘what if’ discussion maker. Five hundred five police ponies can do that!

-Tony F Perrone

  • Our Price: $165.00
  • In Stock

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