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1958 Plymouth Fury Nighttime version with Lights Movie Christine in 1:18 scale


This is the 1958 Plymouth Fury red "Christine" in 1:18 scale by Auto World with working headlights.

The Plymouth Fury in the movie "Christine" is a central character and plays a significant role throughout the film. "Christine" is a horror film released in 1983, directed by John Carpenter and based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. The movie revolves around a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine.

In the film, the 1958 Plymouth Fury is portrayed as an evil and supernatural car with a malevolent spirit. The car is initially discovered by a high school student named Arnie Cunningham, who becomes obsessed with restoring it. As Arnie works on Christine, he becomes increasingly attached to the car, and his personality undergoes a dramatic change. He becomes more aggressive, confident, and even possessive of the car.

It is revealed that Christine is not an ordinary car but has a dark history. The car seems to have a mind of its own, repairing itself and seeking revenge on those who mistreat it or threaten its owner. It becomes apparent that the car is possessed by an evil force, which uses Christine as a vessel to carry out its deadly intentions.

As the movie progresses, Christine wreaks havoc on anyone who crosses its path. The car seems indestructible and manages to survive multiple attempts to destroy it. It is shown to have regenerative powers, healing itself and even rebuilding its damaged body parts. Christine becomes a symbol of terror, causing fear and death wherever it goes.

Throughout the film, the Plymouth Fury is depicted as a beautiful yet sinister vehicle. Its red and white color scheme, distinctive tail fins, and aggressive appearance add to its menacing presence on screen. The car itself becomes an iconic symbol of horror and has left a lasting impression on audiences.

"Christine" is a classic horror film known for its portrayal of the malevolent car and its connection to the dark forces at play. The Plymouth Fury in the movie has become an iconic representation of a possessed vehicle, and the film remains a cult favorite among horror enthusiasts.

This exquisite model is hand painted and polished to a beautiful finish.

Other features include:

  • Extremely Detailed Engine
  • Moveable and Steerable Front Wheels
  • Accurate and highly detailed Interior and Chassis
  • Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood