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Bugatti Veryon Keychain (aluminium casting) by AUTOart


This is the Bugatti Veryon Keychain (aluminium casting) by AUTOart. 

The aluminum body is carefully polished by hand to a glossy finish and it is not coated with any protective layer.  This is done purposely because aluminum is a stable material under indoor condition, it will not oxidize easily.  Even after months or years that the aluminum surface starting to become dull, it can easily be buffed away using metal polishing compound.  After polishing, the product will look like new again.  Re-polishing is not possible if the product is coated with a protective layer.

Like any AUTOart model cars, the high level of finishing is unprecedented in the making of miniature car keychain.  It is not a mass-market product and the suggested retail price is US$19.90 to 29.90.  It is a collectable piece of art that you can put in your pocket and carry around with you.