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Denzel protoype 4-seater Model Car in 1:43 Scale by Autocult


This is the Denzel protoype 4-seater Model Car in 1:43 Scale by Autocult.  
Last of its kind


Wolfgang Denzel was born in 1908 in Graz. During his high school years, he taught his schoolmates how to build racing bikes, and during his college years he constructed his first motorcycle, the „Denzel-Villers“. At the age of 22, he went to work at his father´s company and worked in the department for electro-medical devices. However, his true love was always motorcycles and motorsports.

After numerous victories, especially for BMW, he obtained in 1937 the motor cycles representation for Austria and in 1938 he got an additional car representation for the Austrian states Steiermark and Kärnten.
During the war, Wolfgang Denzel managed restoration shops for vehicles and engines. During the first post-war years, he restored wrecked Volkswagen back to roadworthy delivery trucks, and in 1948 Denzel started his first sports car production, called “WD-Equipment” on the Gumpendorfer Strasse.

Despite some difficulties, a series production was started between 1949 and 1959. 300 examples of the Denzel-Roadster and Coupé were produced and exported around the world. Around 50 examples of the Roadster and Coupé still exist today and are in a good driving condition.

 A very special example of this vehicle can be admired in the car collection of the automobile museum PROTOTYP in Hamburg. The slim silver convertible is the first Denzel sports car with an all-steel-body. As the plastics car body of the formerly built Denzel sports car were very delicate and became friable, so this vehicle is also worldwide the oldest survivor of the Denzel. But that´s not all: it is the last existing 4-seater.

Equipped with a Kübelwagen-chassis, this vehicle is one of the first built Denzel sports cars. Later, Wolfgang Denzel was using strongly new manufactured Volkswagen chassis, besides Kübelwagen-chassis and if known, he built further six VW-based WDs with an all-steel-body, most of them as a 4-seater.