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Ferrari LaFerrari High End Diecast Model in Rossa Corsa in 1:18 Scale by BBR


This is a high end diecast model.  This version is stand alone, with no base.

This model car is made of metal, with doors and bonnet that can be opened.
A long engineering study was carried out for the realization of the openings.
The rear hood has a faithful opening, without stops that end up on the roof, as all the other brands do. None model on the market has these openings.
This small difference is a great innovation for the production of steel molds.
The closing of the bonnet is faithful to the original closure.
The rear mobile wing has also replicated, which after a certain speed exits from the real car to balance the aerodynamic load.
With a simple hand pressure it is possible to extract it from its place.
Super-detailed interior in Rosso Corsa 322 color, with Black roof.

Last photos of the second step, to mark the piston open door as on the real car, a truly exclusive detail.