BMW 2002 Rally Monte Carlo #255 "Jagermeister" Diecast Model

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AutoArt 1973 BMW 2002 Rally Monte Carlo #255 "Jagermeister"; Stiller/Wagener diecast car
  • Year: 1973
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: BMW
  • Code: AA87345
  • Model: 2002 Rally Monte Carlo #255 "Jagermeister"; S…
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Jagermeister livery

The BMW 2002 has always presented something of a Gordian knot for me as a collector of sports car models.

As a matter of automotive history, the 2002 is an undeniably important car. Back in the 1970’s, in the US, mentioning BMW out loud would automatically conjure the angular 2002 to mind. In terms of perception, it was to BMW what the Beetle was to Volkswagen. It is the forerunner of the modern day 3 series, perhaps the best selling sports car nameplate in the world.

As a matter of style, however, I found the 2002 astonishingly ugly and I wasn’t alone. What was wrong? Everything. The boxy greenhouse, the parallelogram design lines, even the chrome strip that runs around entire car which makes it look like a candy jar with a removable lid. Compare it to a Porsche from the same era and there was but one conclusion: Yuck!

Now, as a collector – even though I consider the 2002 as appetizing as cold sauerkraut - I feel compelled to have one or my collection is somehow wanting. So the 2002 has been a semi-permanent usual suspect on my “I-will-get-it-at-some-point-long-after-hell-has-frozen-over” list. The Renault Alpine A110 and many other images are on the same list. It’s almost a badge of honor in some respects – that is until now.

This orange beauty is a 2002 that I can not only live with – it’s one I can celebrate. Why?

Well, first this BMW 2002 has that cool orange Jagermeister livery that graced so many great BMW sports cars and it’s replicated with spot-on accuracy. It has funky rally touches that you just gotta’ love, from rolled up mud flaps wired to every corner (these would be unfurled during off-road stages) to the faux duct tape accents around what would have been a magnetic or decal number panel.

The model has compact yet meaty, stubbly treaded wheels for the sure footing needed round the Monte Carlo rally course that meandered through breathtaking portions of the Cote d’Azur. And the metal undercarriage bracing is very hip indeed.

There are elements of the model that are pedestrian – the engine lacks any drama though it is under a cantilever hood that is wonderfully hinged like the original car. AUTO art didn’t skimp on the spare tire and the battery when executing the trunk detail and we’ll overlook the dog leg hinges on the trunk lid as well as having to mangle a paper clip into a temporary prop so it stays upright for photography. Wheel detail, bright-work and lensing are all first-rate. Shut lines seal as tight as a jar of Hellmann’s.

The AUTO art model will probably bring you more happiness than it brought it’s driver Wolfgang Stiller. The orange BMW #255 finished unclassified for the 1973 Monte Carlo event. The event was won by a Renault Alpine A110. Wonder if Norev will make one with rolled-up mud flaps wired to its bumpers…. [Ed. Note, thanks to Paul Normand for correctly identifying the utility behind the mud flaps]

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $289.95
  • Out of Stock

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