1938 Bugatti 57 SC Corsica with faux Crocodile Interior

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CMC 1938 Bugatti Corsica diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1938
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Bugatti
  • Code: CMC136
  • Model: Corsica
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Blue
  • Points to redeem: 6,017

What are the world’s ten most beautiful cars?

As a kid that’s one of those lists I might make up in my head during a particularly tedious Algebra lesson. Now that I’m older, it’s more likely to be done strolling with the dog during her early morning constitution.

I’m going to guess that as level of your sophistication, education and appreciation has grown over the years, when it comes to the ten most beautiful cars, your list looks different than when you were in school. And it keeps changing. Safe to say the Mach 5 isn’t on my list any longer.

Today, I’m going to suggest a new entrant for your list, and that is the 1938 Bugatti 57SC Corsica, and most particularly this version modeled by CMC, the 1998 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance winner.

CMC previously issued this model as CMC-106. It was favorably reviewed here and proved photogenic in the hands of our man Bryan Miranda. One thing stood out though, for better or worse depending on your taste, and that was a solid saddle-tan leather interior.

The model hit US shores months ahead of the stunning and correct crocodile leather cockpit model (CMC-136) we’re considering here. Good reason: CMC took six months to engineer the faux croc interior with many candidate leathers not passing muster due to scale (pun intended), color or thickness.

The crocodile interior is a particularly interesting choice given that designer Eric Giles made his living running an interior design business. And it is an amazing replication of the real thing.

To explain the name, Corsica comes from the British coach builder that executed the chassis. Designed by Eric for his brother (well, because of his brother) Colonel Godfrey Giles for an Atlantic chassis acquired in 1937. Together, the brothers Giles were members and officers in the Bugatti Owners Club, with Eric succeeding his brother as Chairman and owned 17 of them during their lifetimes including the famed ‘Black Bess’. The straight 8 engine that lies beneath a double wing, spring-hinged hood, itself worthy of a separate model, features a different piston and compressor combination (the “C” in SC. )

There are 1,780 single mixed media parts assembled for this exquisite model but that might focus on its fragility when in hand it feels positively solid as kryptonite. The wheels are removable (with correct left and right threaded locking nuts) and feature spokes that are individually threaded. The Dunlop "Balloon" tires are treaded and feature extruded markings.

The metal work on the model is exquisite, with the delicate mesh of the front radiator and side vents particularly handsome The quaint split windshield and multi-part wipers are executed with precision. And every boy racer's heart just beats a little more quickly viewing the stainless steel completely underbody with signature four abreast exhaust stacks. One totally unexpected favorite view: the authentically modeled locking trunk, complete with tools. What a great touch! The glazing of the large headlamps and jewel sized tail lights is first rate. Even the miniature polished enamel Bugatti badge is well articulated.

But you can argue that despite the voluptuous shape, the sensational engine what makes this model most remarkable comes back to the striking, original interior. Open the doors and the brilliantly engineered croc pattern, the refined pedals and shifters, the glistening metal of the bezels surrounding the detailed gauges and even the coach maker's marque in the door wells are highlights impresses the more days you own it. I’d say it’s a candidate for one of the ten most beautiful 1/18 scale models. Think you will too...

Enjoy the images below. Also, check out this video review by Joe Kelly, Jr.


  • Retail Price: $468.00
  • Our Price: $421.20
  • In Stock

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