Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Diecast Model

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AutoArt  Bugatti Veyron Super Sport diecast car
  • Brand: AutoArt
  • Make: Bugatti
  • Code: AA70937
  • Model: Veyron Super Sport
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Carbon Black

So, I’ve got a question for you.

Does the Bugatti Veyron represent a Concorde moment? Is it like the SST, an intersection of technology, design and chutzpah we are unlikely to see again? If we agree, then, it follows that the SuperSport is an order of magnitude higher. With an engine that boasts 1,200 bhp and a lightened chassis that still weighs more than a living room chock full of furniture, it was clocked at up to 268 mph. Held the World Record for a production vehicle. Well, for a few months at least.

I am not shy about my fanboy joy when it comes to the Bugatti Veyron. I’ve reviewed a few versions over the years, from small 1:43 jewels to spectacular 1:12 mega-models. And, in fact, there are more than 22 versions of the Bugatti Veyron, as documented here by Top Gear so scale models of all varieties may continue to arrive and soak up our bank accounts. And while Minichamps has joined the party lately, mine are all AUTO art models. Every one of them is something special, getting the full Signature line treatment including the blue craft paper Bugatti box, serialized chassis with matching certificate and a brochure detailing the car’s history and build. And that still true with AUTO art’s latest version of the breed, the SuperSport.

Available originally in black with day-glo orange combination that always looked a bit garish to me personally, this new version is very Batman basic black. Officially Carbon Black. In fact the Batmobile reference comes very easily here, this is a low slung land rocket with the now classic, muscular physique. The saddle leather interior seems refined in contrast. So maybe good and evil all at once. There’s another black SS version with blue interior (AA 70934) Edition Merveilleux that Bugatti made for one customer in China known only as Simon for his 40th birthday. They even made a video for him.. Lucky guy.

It’s easy to see how they came up with Carbon Black as the color description since carbon fiber is literally everywhere. A difficult modeling challenge yet AUTO art’s unique ability to replicate the carbon fiber monococque is impressive. It’s extraordinary how they get that layering correct to even the most meticulous eyes. If you own previous versions of AUTO art Bugatti Veyron, there are enough differences with the Super Sport to justify adding one to your diecast garage.

Let’s run some of those down, shall we?

The SS boasts unique matte metal brightwork, five point wheels and aerodynamic rear view mirrors complete with indicators. AUTO art has captured the twin rear diffuser that’s unique to the Super Sport line. Perhaps most striking is the change to the roof and the variation of geometry that occurs by replacing the dual cowl cooling scoops with NACA ducts. Speaking of air intake, the front air intakes are expanded so sit closer to the trademark horseshoe grill. In fact the real car has ten radiators to assist with cooling! We love the retention of the roofline accents first seen in the handsome Centennaire version.

It’s not just the exterior that’s different; the interior is updated including Super Sport badging in the footwell and head rests. The engine has been totally overhauled, so to speak, to represent the leviathan in the real car. The working, retractable spoiler/air brake is also more limber and functions effortlessly. And the front storage compartment is carpeted and opens using simple struts which keep it in a propped position for as long as you want - which hasn’t necessarily been a given on many AUTO art models. In fact the overall build quality is solid and substantial for such a complex piece; this is no fragile hot house flower despite a bill of materials indicating there are 384 separate parts with nearly half of them metal.

Of all my AUTO art Bugatti Veyron models I could say this is my favorite. And I’d be lying. And truth telling because, to be honest, I adore all of them.

This one though has a fearsome weaponized presence not yet seen. I like that and my bet is you will too. Yes, the design language is all beautiful Bugatti baroque, but now, at the core, is a dark and violent heart.

Bruce Wayne would surely understand.

Highly recommended.

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $289.95
  • Out of Stock
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