Chevrolet Strope Z-28 Nova Diecast Model

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GMP 2006 Chevrolet Z-28 Nova - Steve Strope diecast car
  • Year: 2006
  • Brand: GMP
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Code: GMP1801919
  • Model: Z-28 Nova - Steve Strope
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Red w/ White Stripes

At this year’s classic car auctions, I've got a feeling you're going to hear the term "resto-mod" more often than ever before. On the block you'll likely see a generally recognizable shape painted in a hot color with a tweaked signature grill, a tailored interior and a power plant that's equal parts color coded paint and chrome. It’s a real roll of the dice from the seller’s standpoint – some of these cars sell for enormous coin while others probably don’t meet the build cost. But what the heck, it’s only money honey.

That’s what the company Pure Vision and it’s visionary Steve Strope do all the time. They’ve got a Hummer variant called the Hammer and a Duster called Dust Ya and one monster just called BIG - a sneering black and chrome 1970 Chrysler Newport of all things.You can get a feel for Pure Vision’s dream rods at

One of the rods you’ll find on that page is the 1969 Z/28 Nova. Basically it’s a fantasy ride that grafts 1969-era Z/28 style on a stealthy plain jane Nova. Sprinkle thoroughly with street fighter inspiration and what you’ve got is a former wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s been given a full tilt wolf look. It’s just this type of thing that the folks at GMP seem to excel at twisting into a 1/18 jewel.

Take it out of the box, and the first thing you notice isn’t that it’s a Nova, but all the Z-28 styling cues. The wet-look finish of the hugger orange paint with contrasting wide snow white GT striping. And right there beside Z/28 is the trademark Nova script.

Much of the interior is also copped from the Camaro. Unfortunately the doors don’t open, so viewing the dash elements is challenging and limited, but the big side and back windows make viewing in the so-1969 era styled cabin a snap. There is something about a white interior (with matching shift knob mind you) that really pops on some models and this is one of them – especially with the contrasting hounds tooth seating area.

The cowl induction hood is another pull from the Camaro heritage, as is the solid-lifter DZ302-cid V-8 power plant. The “302” badged hood opens on simple dog legs – a heritage issue with an aging diecast tool in all probability – the actual car has more of the excellent type of hinging that’s been more typical on recent GMP models. GMP puts the money where it counts – and that’s on the wired and meticulously detailed engine. The trunk doesn’t open but the attraction on the rear deck is the Camaro spoiler which ironically looks right at home. No spare? No problem. If this thing breaks down, you’re calling a car carrier anyway.

The best part of this model though probably isn’t the liquid paint or the detailed engine, or all the Z/28 trim, it’s the low-slung stance that gives it an “I’m comin’ for you” look. Start with the low profile tires wrapping the Budnik composite wheels. Viewable through the wheel are vented jumbo C6 brakes with red calipers. The well modeled beefy rear suspension slants the car just right – the white headers and wiring on the undercarriage are realistic.

So – like the real resto-mods, what you think of this model is largely going to be determined by your personal point of view. If you like models historically accurate with all parts opening, your perception of this effort is likely to fit somewhere between annoying and irrelevant. However, if what you value in automotive design is audacity, irreverence, and a bit of fantasy fun, this model car is a renegade you’ll feel right at home with.

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $69.95
  • Sold Out
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