1982 Corvette in Dark Claret and Silver LE of 1000 pcs

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Franklin Mint 1982 Corvette Sport Coupe- Independent Retailer- Nbr LE of 1000 diecast car
Customer Rating: 10 stars
  • Year: 1982
  • Brand: Franklin Mint
  • Make: Corvette
  • Code: D998
  • Model: Sport Coupe- Independent Retailer- Nbr LE of …
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Silver & Dark Claret
  • Points to redeem: 3,786

Corvette produced 25,407 cars for 1982. The generation change-over, highly anticipated for the ‘83/’84 model year, was drawing near and limited ’82 Corvette sales compared to previous year’s figures. This was the last of the C3 Vettes. Production recorded 18,648 base coupe configuration units and 6,759 for the silver beige Collector Edition Hatchback. In addition that year, Corvette also offered four special two-tone paint options. They were code 10/13, a white over silver, code 13/39, silver over charcoal, code 24/26, a silver blue over dark blue and code 13/99 a gorgeous silver over dark claret, the car modeled here. Easily the best choice of the color combos, it was sold in a limited number, only 1,301. This model was commissioned by Diecast Reproductions. Tony Cerra, of that firm, did a fantastic job of ‘ordering’ this limited edition from Franklin. His obvious attention to detail and knowing just what he wanted in the diecast adds a nice dimension to our collector hobby in this model.

The changes that he specified over FM’s 1982 Spectra Red model include a newly revised T-top frame in chrome. The master cylinder & brake booster now comes in cadmium, the alternator is silver, A/C compressor is in proper black and the air cleaner wing nut is now black. Also changed to a correct silver color are the ignition lock, directional lever, tilt wheel lever, and rear view mirror bracket. The AC/heater vents are now fashioned in black along with the shifter boot. In addition, an 8 1/2 x 11 title (owner of the model may fill in the title if they choose) & replicated window sticker are included with each model. This lends a realistic and very nice touch to the car. Comparing the model to the red ‘82 and the ’82 Collectors Editions, the model exhibits much better fit and certainly a much better finish. Even the roof panels snap in tightly. Engine detail is good, as is the interior fit and finish and the stance and overall look of the model is very attractive. Make no mistake, this is still an older tooled piece based some eight years past. And while the light pods do not open and we do not see the same level of sophistication as the newer FM ’93 Corvette, not to mention DM’s newer pieces, it is still a lovely image. The paint breaks are exact and the pinstriping is precise and the way that Mr. Cerra laid out the car’s configuration, we have a very pleasant new limited edition on hand. Bravo to Diecast Reproductions, I look forward to more exclusives.

This little beauty is available now. The issue price is $135. Diecast Reproductions can be reached via phone at (813) 882-8482.

-Tony Perrone

  • Our Price: $265.00
  • In Stock

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