Dark Knight Trilogy Batmobile w/ Cape Swatch Diecast Model

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Mattel Hot Wheels  Batman Dark Knight Trilogy Batmobile w/ Cape Swatch diecast car
  • Brand: Mattel Hot Wheels
  • Make: Batman
  • Code: HWELT-BCJ99
  • Model: Dark Knight Trilogy Batmobile w/ Cape Swatch
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Black
  • Points to redeem: 2,856

THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY BATMOBILE with authentic BATMAN movie cape material

The Dark Knight Trilogy BATMOBILE depicted in Christopher Nolan’s films is a tank-like machine modified from a military vehicle called THE TUMBLER. The films’ production designer described it as a car boasting “Lamborghini lines combined with tank functions: an armored riot control vehicle, complete with machine guns shooting rubber bullets and a largecannon mounted on the front.” This is the largest BATMOBILE ever, easily straddling a three-lane highway. Four street-ready cars were constructed, with each vehicle possessing sixty-five carbon fiber panels and costing $250,000 to build.

Two of the four cars were specialized versions: one was the flap version, featuring hydraulics and flaps seen in detailed close-up shots where the vehicle propelled itself through the air. The other was the jet version in which an actual jet engine was mounted onto the vehicle, fueled by six propane tanks. The full-sized vehicles were driven and filmed on the streets of Chicago. This diecast 1:18th scale model features a custom-designed metal plinth with a swatch of authentic Batman movie cape material!

Detailed chassis, engine, tires, wheels, disk brakes & calipers
Doors, hood, trunk do not open
Moving parts: free wheeling

-Hot Wheels Elite

  • Our Price: $199.95
  • In Stock

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