Ferrari 412P 1967 Le Mans #25 in 1:18 Scale by GMP Diecast Model

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GMP 1967 Ferrari 412P 1967 Le Mans - NART diecast car
  • Year: 1967
  • Brand: GMP
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Code: GMP1804114
  • Model: 412P 1967 Le Mans - NART
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: White w/ blue trim

Most people in the world of automobiles stake their claim to fame on doing one thing very well, a driver like Jimmy Clark, a mechanic like George Bignotti, or a designer like Harley Earl. Some become famous for a couple of roles but with one usually transcending the other; driver/team owner Chip Ganassi or movie star/racer Steve McQueen.

Still others make seemingly every role they step into a star turn. Racer/Marketer/BBQ sauce concoctionist Carroll Shelby; Jeweler/car designer/train builder Ettore Bugatti or racer/team owner/truck rental and dealership magnate Roger Penske.

Somewhere between that second category and the third is where we find international man of many talents Luigi Chinetti, a true original. Born in Italy at the turn of the century, he was wrenching for Alfa Romeo at 17 and by the time Italy became a hotbed of Facism he was selling cars for Alfa in Paris. He won the first 24 hours of LeMans he ever entered in 1932, following it up with another win in 1934.

He went to America in 1940 ostensibly to support Ferrari at the Indianapolis 500 and remained in the US, falling back on his sales background as an importer of Italian cars and hanging his shingle out as a master mechanic. He continued to enter every Le Mans contest and won his third in1949, giving Ferrari it’s first ever win in the famous endurance race. He became an American citizen in 1946 and though he would continue to race competitively into the mid-1950’s, his main focus was as a brand developer for Ferrari. He opened the first Ferrari dealership in America and essentially became the director for the brand for all operations east of the Mississippi.

As was typical in those days, if you wanted to make an impression with a performance car, you went racing. And preferably with a big old nationalistic chip on your shoulder; so teams based in the US tended to leverage stars and stripes in an overt way; think of Shelby-American Racing or Dan Gurney’s All American Racers (AAR) or Jim Garner’s American International Racing (AIR) Squadron.

So Chinetti named his team the North American Racing Team or NART. [I’m only speculating here, but a great marketing guy, Chinetti must have figured that including “America” in the name would strike a chord in his US territory plus engage potential fans and customers in Canada and Mexico too]. Not truly a works team, NART still had an official affiliation with Maranello and as part of that collaboration developed many famous road racing variants of Ferrari classics, especially the Dino 246.

While there were two purpose built 412Ps, most were converted from parts and pieces of the P3/4 cars. Chassis 0844 modeled here was originally a P3, in fact the same car finished third in the famous Ferrari 1-2-3 formation finish at the Daytona 24 hour race in 1967.

The big difference, Ferrari outfitted the 412P with Weber downdraft carbs which still gave the car plenty of umph, just not enough of it to beat the works cars that utilized a Lucas fuel injection system. As a Ferrari 412P, it was driven by Rodriguez and Baghetti for NART at Le Mans in 1967 and succumbed to mechanical issues in the wee hours of the morning.

Any time you have a Ferrari in something other than red, it becomes a real standout on the shelf. GMP’s flawless replication of the classic NART livery features snow white paint with midnight blue striping is reminiscent of the 250 TR “Lucybelle” livery recently modeled by CMC. The tamped-on NART imprint is the only element in Ferrari red and I’ve always loved the NART prancing horse logo.

Put this sleek model on a turntable and it will lead to an appreciation of the realism which GMP has worked hard to achieve; the deft curves, ground-hugging stance, precision machined louvres, rivets, and beautiful lensing are all attributes for which their Masterpiece Collection is becoming well renown.

GMP has also not skimped by just repainting models in the P3/4 series; instead they model the dive planes, intakes and other body work pieces to be completely accurate to the specific chassis. That kind of attention to detail makes it worthwhile to collect multiple models in the series. In this case, my eyes were immediately drawn to the unique baby blue wheel rims. How cool are they? Front and rear bonnets come off yet form tight shut lines when rejoined. Three ear knock-off’s facilitate removing the five point wheels revealing the details of the functional suspension. Care has been taken to accurately model the braking system’s hoses, calipers and discs.

You can always count on GMP to do a spectacular job in the engine compartment featuring full wiring and plumbing, extruded valve covers and a thousand other details all done with a surprisingly high degree of metal content. I love the white exhaust on a white car. The spare tire tie-down looks like it was done by human hands, and if you hadn’t noticed it before, the specific chalk markings on the soft Firestone rubber are something only GMP does.

I could go on drooling about the list of parts and features that quite frankly should be in a model at this price point such as opening doors, readable gauges, nylon seat belts, functional fill caps, photo-etched radiator, movable shifter, pose-able steering apparatus. The serialized chassis plate and heavy museum quality identifying plaque are the kind of things that can make even an extraordinary model like this one even more special whether it’s displayed on a shelf with other models or in it’s own single display case.

GMP’s level of execution on this Ferrari 412P has this model in the conversation for 2010 model of the year. Kudos to GMP, and congratulate yourself if you add it to your stable; it’s a remarkable modeling achievement and will no doubt be a visual focal point in your collection. It is in mine.

-Rusty Hurley

  • Our Price: $489.95
  • Out of Stock

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