Ferrari 575M GTC - Team GPC #11 - 2004 Spa "Total" Diecast Model

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Kyosho 2004 Ferrari 575M GTC Team GPC #11 2nd Place SPA 2004 "TOTAL" diecast car
  • Year: 2004
  • Brand: Kyosho
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Code: KY08393A
  • Model: 575M GTC Team GPC #11 2nd Place SPA 2004 "TOT…
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Red,White and Green

The Ferrari 575 GTC represented a welcomed return for Ferrari to its roots of building great front-engined V12-powered GT racing coupes and Kyosho has done an admirable job with their rendition of the car in 1:18 scale.

A great deal of Ferrari’s racing reputation was earned from its success at building and racing V12 front-engined “gran turismo” coupes. Cars like the 250GT SWB, the 250 GTO and the 365GTB/4 carried Ferrari’s reputation to the highest levels through the 1960’s and into the 1970’s. But for the twenty-two years after building the last 365GTB/4 in 1973, Ferrari went on hiatus from building classic two-seat GT’s in a front-engined layout. Instead, they built all of their GT’s as mid-engined cars.

In 1996 Ferrari returned to building a classic front-engined V12 GT with their 550 Maranello which was subsequently upgraded to the 575M Maranello in 2002. In 2003, after witnessing the success the UK’s Prodrive was having building private race cars based on the 550 Maranello, Ferrari introduced the 575 GTC with the “C” standing for “Competizione” to contest the FIA GT Championship. The 575 GTC’s faced tough competition from the Prodrive-built Ferrari 550 GTS’s but took one win in the first year of competition and followed that with another win in 2004. They also took 2nd place at the hotly-contested 2004 Proximus 24 Hours of Spa. Kyosho has built both of these race winners as well as the colorful 2nd place 2004 Spa racer.

Arguably, the Spa racer is the most attractive of the three liveried racers. With a busy Italian green, white and red paint scheme promoting sponsors including Total, Giesse, Galeria Inno Department Stores, the Belgian F1 Grand Prix and (Marlboro?) Trends in addition to secondary sponsors too numerous to mention, the paint scheme definitely draws you in. The paint and graphics are executed nicely with a combination of decals and tampo-printed images. All of the details of the body, the small vents and louvers, side-view mirrors, glazing and tow rings are created with a precision that makes them look believably real. Even real screen covers the openings for the radiator grille and the hood scoop.

The car has a removable bonnet and boot and the doors swing inside the fenders with realistic hinges. The boot contains plenty of hoses and air-ducting for the rear mounted differential oil coolers and fuel pumps. As with the whole car, simulated carbon-fiber is found everywhere and a large black rear wing advertising the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa keeps the rear end nicely glued.

Open the doors with their plexiglass windows and you’ll see the most realistic four-point harness I have seen. The replicated Sabelt system has chrome-plated hardware just like the real thing…… but what, no “submarine” belt ? The functional steering wheel has a switch-covered hub, complete with coiled wires running to the backside. The digital data display on the binnacle is turned off and only shows the gray screen.

With the nose-fed airbox and the angled radiator, there isn’t much engine to see in the engine bay. Not to say that this isn’t how it really is, but the Ferrari V-12 is such an iconic engine, it would be nice to somehow be able to get a look at it.

Realistically scuffed Pirelli P Zeros ride on the OZ Racing wheels and, through the spokes, you can see metallic discs turning through the Brembo calipers.

Turning the car over, the bottom is one flat plate with diffusers at the very rear edge…….. not much to see, but a substantial reduction in parasite drag on the real car.

So what do we have here?

As one of Kyosho’s last Mattel-licensed Ferraris this car is a huge step north of any Hot Wheels cars. The car is very pretty and its “Italian-flag with Marlboro hints” paint job is enough to make any tifosi worth his salt weep with pride. All of the outside body detail is crisp and well-executed. I’m sorry there isn’t more engine detail, but it looks as the engine bay would look and the car goes a long way to better the sealed units coming from Kyosho’s prime competitor. The car is beautifully detailed on the outside surfaces and the view into the cockpit is quite rewarding. It will look nice sitting amongst my 365GTB/4’s and will admirably represent the real vehicle. I can recommend this model.

-Bill Bennett

  • Our Price: $150.00
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