Ferrari Dino 156 - Sharknose - Hill - Winner 1961 Spa GP Diecast Model

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CMC 1961 Ferrari Dino 156 "Sharknose" - Phil Hill - Winner Spa GP diecast car
  • Year: 1961
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Code: CMC070
  • Model: Dino 156 "Sharknose" - Phil Hill - Winner Spa…
  • Scale: 1:18

Okay, let me start by saying I wasn’t expecting much. Of course a CMC model is going to come with a certain amount of golly-gee-whiz as standard equipment. That’s just par for the Germanic course. I wasn’t expecting much because the car itself – the big deal about it is not much. It was the Ferrari answer to the British that had thrashed them with rear engine power and the resulting improved weight distribution and gain in torque. But in the CMC preview photos, this 156 looked small-ish. After their Ferrari F2, a delightful model but lacking the rogue element so well captured by Exoto, I was prepared for excellence but nothing that could be termed nonpareil. Sort of like the expectations of an American driver in Formula 1: I was expecting Scott Speed.

What I got was Phil Hill.

That refers not only to the champion driver of the #4 Ferrari 156 Sharknose, but also to the fearless and confident construction of this relatively straightforward soapbox racer. Out of the box, the first thing noticed is the lack of fragility – recent CMC efforts have been flights of fear for the collector with heavy model chassis or tubs with dainty hanging parts that feel literally like an accident waiting to happen. This model on the other hand recalls their sturdy Maserati 250F. And the comparisons to that model continue on several levels: the paint is a corro rosso that would made me whisper “bello”. Okay, not really, but I was impressed.

Despite the pre-production sample having no small issues with rear camber and caster (corrected for production) the model sits low and square with a solid stance – not always the case with models that have active suspension like this one does. The low slung nature of the beast accentuates the definitive nostrils echoed in the current F430.

A small screwdriver comes with the model. Use it to loosen two micro set screws on the chassis, and the front bonnet lifts off the monoposto revealing various cooling, fuel and oil delivery systems and an intricate front suspension. The variety of metal and plastic media rigging on display is elegantly modeled: perhaps even more refined than the actual model. The lifelines to the cockpit and engine are scattered and dazzling. I doubt Enzo budgeted for polished metal fuel tanks (there are three). It is still a delight for the eye if a bit over-engineered.

The engine was a revised F2 V-6 engine nick-named the Dino. The DOHC power plant maxed out at 190bhp and the angle of the cylinder blocks allowed for the engine to have a lower center of gravity.

The block is remarkably well detailed in its casting and its rich weave of colored wiring and piping. The rear bonnet tilts up to reveal all this glorious detail but has some difficulty standing on its own power.

I should say something about the functional multipart suspension, the removable Borrani wheels, and the elliptical filigree red wire mesh that covers the machined velocity stacks. I could write of scores of syllables singing the praise of the leather padded interior, authentic seat fabric and readable gauges. It’s probably incumbent upon me to point out the metal manifolds and the delicately scaled gradation of the headers, the engineered-by-aliens exterior clutch on the gearbox and the three part windshield with deflector.

Yeah, there’s a lot that I could do but there’s a lot my Nikon, Olympus and I did. And I think from here on out I’m going to let the 20 pictures posted here do the talking becasue they can put in your imagination what my words cannot measure.

At the beginning of the review I said I wasn’t expecting much and its clear CMC has delivered much more than something that’s just capable. Exoto says their upcoming version will be the ultimate manufactured model – much better than the CMC.

That’s going to be a tall order because now I’m expecting something better than amazing.

[Editor's Note: If you are reading this review in the Mr. Magneto column, additional pictures are located in the review's home location. Go to Car List & Reviews and search for CMC 068.]

-Rusty Hurley

  • Retail Price: $319.00
  • Our Price: $289.00
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