Ferrari TR61m #10, 1961 Le Mans Winner Diecast Model

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Red Line 1961 Ferrari TR61, No.10, Winner Le Mans 1961 diecast car
  • Year: 1961
  • Brand: Red Line
  • Make: Ferrari
  • Code: SPAR24006
  • Model: TR61, No.10, Winner Le Mans 1961
  • Scale: 1:24
  • Color: Red

Of all the front engined 250 series racers from the late 50s to early 60s. the Ferrari 250 Testarossa Spyder Fantuzzi was arguably the most controversial in design and, for it's short two year life span, perhaps the most successful, having won Le Mans in both 1960 and 1961. The shark nosed body design shared with the open wheeled 156 was the work of Medardo Fantuzzi, an Italian automotive engineer who, with brother Gino, formed the Carrozzeria Fantuzzi body workshop. Oddly, Pininfarina was credited for this body but Ferrari began changing the look almost immediately and the design was replaced with more conventional bodies by Pininfarina and Touring. As far as performance, the engine was identical in displacement with the rest of the 250 series but was tuned to produce far more power.

Redline Models is part of the Spark Models group that specializes in hand built Ferrari models in 1/43 scale. Recently they've branched out into 1/24 scale curbsides and this numbered limited edition of 1000 is one of their first releases. This model represents the 1961 Le Mans winning car driven by Olivier Gendebien and Phil Hill. The Redline team's prime directive and source of pride is all about attempting scale perfection from the design and material selection of components right down to the hand painted finish. This leads to some beautiful and unique effects not normally found in this scale, but it is not without some drawbacks.

The finish itself is virtually flawless and true to their goal, there's not a hint of beading along panel lines nor the sense of overall heaviness to the finish. The livery is an interesting combination of tampos and decals which were used to affect the race day numbered roundel applications. The Borrani style wire wheels are fine wire rather that photoetched and appear so delicate at this scale that I will probably re affix the model to its mounting pylons before returning it to the acrylic and resin display case that comes along with the model in very luxe and protective packaging. These beautiful wheels are sadly shod in generic tires which seems to be the norm these days due to larcenous licensing demands.

Redline uses optically clear thermoformed butyrate/acetate to replicate all the glazing including the hood mounted bug deflector. Whereas most glazing at this scale has the scale thickness of armor plate, these vacuformed pieces are, again, perfectly scaled. There is one drawback that is evident on this model. If the vacuformed parts are not supported, often times there is sufficient "memory" to these pieces that they will partly return to their original shape, that of a flat sheet. On this model the the windscreen and door panels are one curved piece and although the base is supported by the doors, the upper aspects of the ends have warped outward. I'm tempted to see if I could bend them back using a hair dryer to soften the glazing, but I'm not sure if the overall piece was also stretched during the vacuforming process. If it was, then heating the piece might just cause shrinking and curling. The misalignment to me, is not distracting enough to warrant such a risk.

Redline employs some really beautiful and delicate metal parts including the velocity stacks, the diecut winged fasteners, cast gauge faces and minute photoetched buckles for the leather straps that "secure" the bonnet and deck panels and the belt that secures the wrapped weights to the passenger seat. All of these wonderful features combine to give this model a presence that rivals the 1:1. If these vintage Ferrari designs are something you can't get enough of, I highly recommend this model. Because this is a curbside and there were only two years that this car raced, I would consider jumping on this one quickly. With only 1000 units produced and the demand for and dearth of Ferrari images in this scale, purchasing on the secondary market for this model could become an expensive proposition.

-Rich Sufficool

  • Our Price: $195.00
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