Fiat Race Transporter Team Ferrari in 1:18 Scale by CMC Diecast Model

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CMC 1957 Fiat Renntransporter- 642 RN2 - Bartoletti - Team Ferrari diecast car
  • Year: 1957
  • Brand: CMC
  • Make: Fiat
  • Code: CMC084
  • Model: Renntransporter- 642 RN2 - Bartoletti - Team …
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Color: Ferrari Red

With each passing year, collectors everywhere await with anticipation, the announcements of new releases from our favorite manufacturers. Every now and then, we are treated to a monumental work of art, an engineering feat in miniature, and a new bar set in 1:18 scale replicas. Some would say certain manufacturers are obsessed with detail, part count, and quality. I’m thankful. Ladies and gentlemen, collectors of all scales, CMC is at the top of their game with their 1:18 scale release of the 1957 Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti Scuderia Ferrari Transporter. Words and photos cannot adequately express the monumental achievement that is this replica. You must see this historic achievement in model manufacturing for yourself to believe it.

The 1957 Fiat 642 RN2 was based off of Fiat’s bus chassis with coachbuilder Bartoletti equipping the frame with an open deck capable of carrying three race cars. The transporter was powered by a 92 horsepower inline six-cylinder diesel engine. It served as the perfect transport vehicle for both Scuderia Ferrari and Scuderia Maserati beginning in the late 1950s through the mid-1960s when the racing world saw a boom in race car transporters. The famed two-tone red paint scheme was like a flag to a bull letting the competition know they had arrived and it was time to race!

To get an idea of the truly monumental nature of this replica, I’d like to share some specifications with you. The model itself is enormous at approximately 50 cm or nearly 20 inches long. That’s longer than two Ferrari Sharknose cars front to back. It simply dwarfs CMC’s previous award-winning race car transporter, the 1954 Mercedes-Benz Renntransporter. Fully assembled the 1957 Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti transporter weighs in at 4.5 kg or nearly 10 lbs. At 3,115 parts, it has the highest part count of any 1:18 scale model ever released by CMC to date. It can fit three Ferrari race cars, two on top and one on the bottom. Every single aspect of this model is finished to perfection. The two-tone red paint is deep and glossy; all the decals are crisp and flush. In true CMC fashion, genuine materials such as stainless steel, rubber, aluminum, copper, leather, zinc allow and other materials are used extensively in this model.

As described by CMC, the 1957 Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti Transporter features a movable steering wheel, opening doors with leather straps, opening tailgate with functional locking mechanism, flip-open caps, opening doors for access to the batteries, spare tire, storage drawers, wheel blocks, fuel tanks, radiator filler neck, and steps for access to the ladder. Perhaps one of the most unique features of this model is the operating and functional auto hoist that can be raised and lowered to load model race cars on the upper deck, or positioned mid deck. The undercarriage in itself is a work of art, featuring a steel I-beam frame, “authentically-recreated” drive train consisting of the engine, gear box, rear axle and rotating drive shaft. Visible on the undercarriage is the lined air-brake system, hydraulic pipes, and cabling. The steel leaf spring suspension actually works when the model is set down due to its nearly 10 lb weight. The model rests on “exquisitely-replicated”, authentic, and enormous front and rear tires and wheels with Trilex rings and twin tires on the rear.

Behind the exquisitely detailed cabin, you’ll find a work center featuring crew quarters and work space where the crew’s tools would have been stored. Inside you’ll find leather appointed chairs and a bench seat in back. The interior engine cover is removable, and the sun visors are movable. The finely crafted steel exterior side-view mirrors are also movable to position to your desired settings. The windshield and side windows are crystal clear, as are all the lenses for the headlights, fog lamps, tail lamps, and turning signals. Not a single detail was left out. Other accessories and features include removable side-mounted steel diamond plate loading ramps, removable spare tire complete with a functional clamp mechanism, six stop blocks to position race cars on the two loading decks, brilliant steel radiator grill, assembled from polished, individually mounted metal bars, a hinged front cover complete with Fiat logo to reveal the radiator filler neck and functional flip open cap.

While each model from CMC could certainly serve as the centerpiece of any collection, this monumental model will certainly stand out among any other model in your assortment. Add a few models from your stable of Ferrari race cars to complete the package. A piece of history in its own right, this release is an opportunity to own a miniature engineering marvel that will be admired for decades to come. I haven’t found a CMC model I didn’t like, and this one is no exception. I highly recommend acquiring at least one of the Scuderia Ferrari or Scuderia Maserati 1957 Fiat 642 RN2 Bartoletti transporters and own a piece of history in the making.

Note: Other models featured in the pictures are sold separately and not included with transporter.

-Bryan Miranda

  • Our Price: $1,495.00
  • Out of Stock

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