Legacy Gift Certificates

What to buy for the Impossible to Buy For Person?


Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Let them get inspired when he or she browses through the inventive and unique items available on Legacy Stores. Legacy Gift Certificates can be purchased right here. Certificates are available in any whole dollar denomination (minimum $25). They may be applied to the purchase of most items in any of our Legacy Stores.

How Does It Work?

Suppose you want to gift $100 to Uncle Fred. Fill out the form below authorizing a charge of $100 to your selected credit card. We convert the $100 to 1400 Legacy Points [?] and deposit them into Uncle Fred’s Legacy Point Account. The rate is 14 points per $1.00. And for 1400 points, Fred can choose from a broad selection of gifts on our stores! He may redeem them whenever he wishes. If Fred already has a Legacy Points account, the 1400 points are added to the total he already has accumulated, so he can buy an even nicer gift.

Eligible Merchandise:

Items on our online stores that may be purchased through Legacy Point redemption are identified in product bars and product detail pages. The number of points required for redemption are displayed.

You can call us at 877-LEGASEE (877-534-2733)
We can handle issuing and redeeming a gift certificate by phone.

Gift Certificate #
Number of Points

<Name of Donor> has generously given you this gift certificate worth <number>, which you may redeem at anytime on a Legacy Store website.

These points have been added to your Legacy Point account if you have one. If you don't, we will award you these points as soon as you register at MyLegacyPoints.com

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